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Last year's Community Guide made use of four pictures with the main image, created by Helen Nguyen, including not only Hamilton's natural beauty and a person.

Snap a photo contest tips

Thanks for your interest in our Snap a Photo contest. To increase your chances of having your picture being selected for inclusion in Hamilton Community News’ Community Guide we’ve put together this little tip sheet.

Showcase our hidden gems: Photos of the lower city taken from the mountain brow are beautiful, but we do get a lot of them. See if you can find a picture that captures a lovely part of Hamilton that doesn’t always get the glory.

But don’t forget the basics: That said, we still welcome and need photos of some of our city’s more iconic buildings, parks, streets and scenes.

Events, events, events: Much of the content for the Community Guide centres on events taking place throughout the year. If you’ve got exciting shots of the fun, we’d love to have them.

Hamilton only please: As this is a guide for the Hamilton Community, please limit your submissions to those taken in or of the current City of Hamilton. This includes: Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton Mountain, Stoney Creek, Flamborough and Glanbrook.

Be creative: Instead of shooting a wide shot of Dundas Town Hall, why not take a close-up of an element you find interesting? Rather than taking a photo of shoppers buying produce at the Hamilton Mountain Farmer’s Market, why not try it from the carrot’s perspective. Not every creative shot will work, but those that do will be very interesting and visually appealing.

It’s all about people: It’s a fact that folks are more drawn toward an image if it contains people (and also animals) than one with out. Even if you’re shooting a landscape, having someone in your shot can take it from being a good picture to being a great picture. (Just check out at last year’s cover to see what we mean.)

Technical data: If you are shooting with a digital camera please send us your photos by email to: (Subject line: SNAP A PHOTO CONTEST), or drop off a digital copy at our office. This will help preserve the image quality. Speaking of quality, all photos should be a minimum of 300 dpi in resolution at a minimum of 10″ wide. Any lower than this and there is a limit to how large we can make the photo without it pixilating and looking muddy. If you have a photo at a lower resolution DO NOT edit it to make it 300 dpi as that can also cause problems with the image. You can still submit lower resolution pictures, but it is unlikely that they will be chosen for the cover. All photos should be saved and sent as RGB jpgs. Except to crop, or unless you are attempting an artistic effect, please do not edit the image as we will need to do that to meet our printer’s specifications. Hamilton Community News reserves the right to fit or crop any image selected for this publication.

Look to the past: If you’re stuck for inspiration, or would just like to see the types of photos we chose for last year’s guide you can take a look at it online by clicking here.

Shoot both ways: For the Community Guide we’re looking for both vertical and horizontal shots, but for the cover vertical pictures work best because of how the page is oriented.

When in doubt, ask: If you have any questions about something artistic, technical or even more about the types of photos we’re looking for, drop us a line with the subject “Photo Question”.


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