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Photo by Gord Bowes

Photo by Gord Bowes

Traffic cones were set up last week as part of a study to see what effect removing a lane of traffic on Mountain Brow Boulevard entering the Kenilworth Access traffic circle would have.

Mountain Brow Boulevard lane reduction possible

By Gord Bowes, News staff

The city is considering removing a lane of traffic on Mountain Brow Boulevard at the top of the Kenilworth Access.

Traffic cones were set up last week as part a traffic calming experiment to approximate what would happen if the two eastbound lanes from Upper Ottawa were cut to one, said east Mountain councillor Tom Jackson.

The experiment will be repeated after school resumes.

Residents in the area have complained in recent years about the speed of traffic entering and exiting the traffic circle.

“We’re trying this experiment for traffic calming and reducing speed, seeing if that one lane … can handle the volume of traffic,” said Jackson.

The councillor said no thought has been given to what would happen to any removed lane, whether it be turned into parking or bike lane or some other use.

“We haven’t even gone that far,” he said.

A three-way stop is being installed soon on Mountain Brow at Oakcrest, also as part of traffic calming efforts in the area. That move comes after a 300-name petition from area residents, said Jackson.

There is currently no stop on the stretch of road from the top of the traffic circle east to Margate Avenue and residents complained of motorists speeding, particularly near the Kenilworth escarpment stairs, he said.

At the bottom of the access, the speed limit was reduced last year to 40 km/h on Kenilworth Avenue South.

“We’re trying as many different measures as we can, without frustrating drivers, but for drivers to recognize there needs to be some responsible driving as well,” said Jackson.

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