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Hamilton Mayor praises city employees

 By Kevin Werner, News Staff

Hamilton politicians received a staff briefing during a closed-door meeting on the city’s investigation of some employees who apparently violated city policies.

Staff provided a timeline of what occurred during January, and the decision to suspend over 30 people with pay over the incidents.

Councillors refused to comment further on the issue after the in-camera meeting.

“These are allegations that have been made,” said Mayor Bob Bratina, prior to the staff briefing.

He said there are over 8,000 people employed at the city, and the city is looking into the conduct of “0.02 per cent.”

Bratina said the majority of city employees work hard for Hamilton and its citizens.

“I’m proud of all the great work they do,” he said. “What ever the issues that come out, we will deal with them.”

City staff is investigating allegations that copper and asphalt had been taken from city property and sold to recycling companies. In addition, city-owned vehicles were used for personal purposes.

It is expected the investigation will be concluded Jan. 28.


One Response to “Hamilton Mayor praises city employees”

  1. TEMULENTIA says:

    We do have some hard working and honest city employees, but as a taxpayer in Hamilton, I am happy to hear that you are investigating the municipal departments.
    Having personally witnessed infractions by some city employees, it is my belief that all municipal vehicles should have a GPS installed and checked regularly.
    You should also look into the hiring process in all your departments. Hiring practices for municipal jobs should be based on qualifications, and not on nepotism.
    It is a privilege to have a good paying municipal job and should not be taken for granted by anyone!

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