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Linc day for net Screen shot 2014-01-#2796D5

A copy of the Harper government's Lincoln Alexander Day bill in the Senate. The French version on the right has the day occurring on July 21 while the English version states it will be held on Jan. 21, the date of Linc’s birthday.

Lincoln Alexander Day in July?

Charlton finds Senate bill error amusing

 By Mark Newman, News Staff

Chris Charlton can only shake her head.

Back in December the NDP MP for Hamilton Mountain saw the Harper government refuse her private member’s bill to designate each Jan. 21 Lincoln Alexander Day in honour of the former Hamilton West MP, Ontario Lieutenant Governor, Workers Compensation Board chair and University of Guelph Chancellor who died in 2012 at age 90.

On the same day that the government refused her bill, the Tories introduced their own Lincoln Alexander Day bill for first reading in the Senate.

While the government bill is similar to Charlton’s legislation, the MP noted the French version of the government’s bill denotes July 21 as Lincoln Alexander Day while the English version maintains Jan. 21, the date of Linc’s birthday.

“I find it just hilarious,” said Charlton. “All because partisanship trumps the right thing to do.”

Charlton said the bill will have to go to committee for the date to be corrected.

 Senate communications officer Annie Joannette has acknowledged the error.

“The bill may be corrected by amendment at the committee stage, which is when technical or other errors are usually addressed,” said Joannette via email.

There is no word when the bill will go to committee.



One Response to “Lincoln Alexander Day in July?”

  1. Michael says:

    Charlton has said elsewhere that the passage of the bill will be delayed BECAUSE the bill has to go to committee for an amendment. She is being extremely disingenuous (i.e., untruthful) with such a comment, because ALL bills must go to committee before final passage in the House OR the Senate. It’s at committee where initial amendments to bills in either chamber are introduced. Her bill will ALSO have to go to committee in the House of Commons. It could be amended there. Mistakes happen. Get over it.

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