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Photo by Gord Bowes

Photo by Gord Bowes

Sunlight shines on this park bench on the Mountain brow at Armes Lookout Park. But while it once may have provided a view of the city below, over the years brush and vegetation has grown up the side of the escarpment and created a wall of green.

Hamilton parks boss: Have to balance scenic view and erosion control at lookout points

By Gord Bowes, News staff

The clearing of brush from lookouts on the Mountain brow will continue, but don’t expect it to ever be the clear view it once was.

There are no records to show when the park benches were installed at Armes Lookout on Mountain Brown Boulevard, but there can be little doubt the view was pristine.

Today, however, at many points the trees and other vegetation fully block any view of the city below.

“I know Hamilton is a beautiful city and the view over the escarpment and looking at the surrounding lands is great, but the trees are a critical component in maintaining the escarpment and (curbing) erosion,” said Hamilton parks manager Tennesse Propedo.

Last year, after a complain from a resident, many sumac bushes and other vegetation at Armes Lookout were “hacked back,” said Propedo.

But trees cannot be fully removed because pulling out the roots will loosen the soil and allow faster erosion of the face of the escarpment, he said. There is also a staff safety issue in hanging over the side to cut established trees.

Propedo said he is working with the forestry department to open up areas along the escarpment from Sam Lawrence Park east to Armes Lookout. City staff will probably do some work in fall once leaves fall off and it’s easier to see what needs to be cut and do less damage to the plant.

“We will do the best we can in certain locations to allow viewing platforms while still maintaining the integrity of the escarpment for erosion control,” he said.

One Response to “Hamilton parks boss: Have to balance scenic view and erosion control at lookout points”

  1. MAW says:

    Looks to me there are more than a few mature trees blocking the view. There are many more locations where you can get an unobstructed view of the lower city, with free parking. Clearing away the vegetation may help, as long as no erosion takes place.

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