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Deer removed from Dundas grocery store

By Craig Campbell, Dundas Star News

A wandering deer was successfully rescued from a Dundas grocery store by two Hamilton animal control officers and a couple of veterinarians, Monday morning.

Police notified city animal control shortly before 9:30 a.m. that a female deer was in the pharmacy area of the Metro grocery store at University Plaza.

The excited deer caused some damage before it was confined to a small back room in the pharmacy area.

Once inside, the deer became agitated and began jumping and charging – injuring three women who were treated on site and transported by paramedics to hospital as a precaution.

Veterinarians Shawn Middleton and Bruce Robinson responded from Dundas Animal Hospital and the store was cleared of customers.

“She was a bit startled,” Middleton said, of the deer. “They get agitated quite quickly.”

Middleton was able to successfully tranquillize the deer with a blow dart gun. Animal control officers and the two vets moved the still conscious but now sedated deer out of the store and transported her to the rail trail behind the store where they laid her on the ground and waited a few minutes until the deer got up and walked away.

“Overall, it went quite smoothly,” Middleton said.

The key for Middleton was keeping the deer calm. He has responded to other incidents of loose animals that got agitated and jumped through a window, seriously injuring itself. In this case, Middleton said, the deer was not injured at all.

The whole exercise took about 45 minutes and the deer was released at approximately 10:20 a.m.


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