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Photo by Gord Bowes

Photo by Gord Bowes

Traffic cones were set up in late July as part of a traffic calming study on Mountain Brow Boulevard entering the Kenilworth Access traffic circle.

Cutting a lane on Mountain Brow Boulevard had little impact on traffic says city

By Gord Bowes
News staff

Taking away a driving lane had little impact on traffic heading east on Mountain Brow toward the Kenilworth Access, says the city’s superintendent of traffic engineering.

“Based on what we saw, there were no congestion issues or level of service issues,” said Dave Ferguson after last month’s trial.

Traffic cones were set up as part a traffic calming experiment to approximate what would happen if the two eastbound lanes from Upper Ottawa were cut to one. Staff made observations at various times, including during rush hours.

East Mountain councillor Tom Jackson said there have been complaints from residents about speeding vehicles and this was part of ongoing efforts to tame traffic.

A second trial is planned for late September or early October, when traffic volume is higher. That could yield different results as there are typically higher volumes of traffic than in the summer.

“If people start getting delayed at traffic signals where previously they hadn’t, then that’s a bit of a problem,” said Ferguson.

If there is little impact, Ferguson said, the city could install knock-down sticks to block off a lane as a temporary measure next year and then do something permanent a year later.

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