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Braley resigns from Senate

 By Kevin Werner, News Staff

Hamilton businessman David Braley listened to his wife and decided to resign from the senate.

In an interview with the owner of the Toronto Argonauts in September, Braley said he was thinking about resigning his position as an Ontario senator.

“My wife (Nancy Gordon) has asked me to consider it,” Braley told Hamilton Community News.

Braley’s office gave a written statement dated Nov. 30 to the Governor General advising of his resignation which was effective immediately. The news did not become public until Dec. 3.

The 72-year-old Braley was three years away from mandatory retirement from the upper chamber. He was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in May 2010.

Braley told a gathering of federal and provincial Conservatives during a September fundraiser in Hamilton he got the call from Harper while he was on vacation in Florida asking him if he would serve as an Ontario senator. Braley asked for a little time to consider the request, then accepted, he said. He cut short his vacation and was quickly installed as a senator, replacing another Conservative senator Wilbert Keon reached retirement age.

Although the written statement didn’t give a reason for his resignation, Braley said in the interview he was upset at how the continuing Senate scandal this past summer where some senators had to repay expenses they had taken for personal use was giving all senators a bad name.

“There are four people who are causing the problems for the other 100 senators,” he said. “We are being tarred and feathered (by the public).”

He said the actions of former Conservative senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau, and former Liberal Senator Mac Harb had prompted Braley to re-think whether he should remain a senator. Still, he did leave for Ottawa to attend the opening of Parliament this fall.

Braley was born inMontreal, but raised inHamilton, where he attended McMaster University. He is president of Orlick Industries Limited, a leading auto parts manufacturer. He currently lives in Burlington, Ontario.

Besides the Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, he also owns the British Columbia Lions.

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