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Mike Pearson, News Staff

Mike Pearson, News Staff

Jan Lukas, left, was on hand to support Queen's Diamond Jubilee recipient, retired firefighter and dedicated community volunteer Frank Ernest at the awards ceremony hosted by MP David Sweet at the Ancaster Old Township Hall on Nov. 24. Lukas received her Jubilee Medal from Senator David Braley in a ceremony held in August.

Ancaster celebrates Jubilee

MP David Sweet awarded 13 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals during a ceremony on Nov. 24 at the Ancaster Old Township Hall.

In addition to community activist Jan Lukas, who was awarded a Jubilee Medal by Senator David Braley in August, local recipients of the honour include John William Bandler, Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese, Judy Marsales, Peter Barnes, Clive Davis, Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire, Frederick Dryden, Frank Ernest, Husam Farah, Tony Greco, Irene Hunt, Lepa Jankovic and John Roxburgh Smith.

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