LETTER: A new take on an old idea
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Dec 31, 2012  |  Vote 0    0

LETTER: A new take on an old idea

Hamilton Mountain News

By 2030 seniors will represent 25 per cent of our population.

Here’s some help to make those dated New Year’s resolutions more technologically savvy.

I will write more letters to my near and dear.

I will learn how to Skype, Twitter and text to all and sundry.

I will grow old gracefully

I will ask my stylist to add some feathers after my new dye job.

I will visit the library

I will give up books, buy an eReader and download eBooks. I will read magazines on my computer, tablet and mobile device.

I will listen to music more

I will purchase an iPod, download tunes by streaming songs by beat, artist, subject or label and purchase a good set of earbuds.

I will pay my bills on time

I will go paperless in billing.

I will return phone calls

I will buy an iPhone, using it to watch movies, tweet, get connected to the world and use it to navigate the world.

I will expand my vocabulary

With words like Google, Skype, Suri, app.

I will improve my typing skills by using emoticons for punctuation:

:-} (happy)   :’-) (tears of happiness) :@ (angry)

Instant doesn’t refer to pudding, but messaging!

So I will forget how to spell: afk (away from keyboard), bff (best friends forever), eod (end of discussion), fyeo (for your eyes only), st2moro (same time to morrow), w8 (wait), diku (do I know you?), AWHFY (Are we having fun yet?!)

Happy New Year, everyone, young and old! :-)) (that’s a double chin for we oldsters).

Penny Gumbert

Hamilton Mountain

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