World won't end Friday
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World won't end Friday

Hamilton Mountain News

Don't stop saving for mortgage payments, says X-Zone's Rob McConnell

By Gord Bowes, News staff

The world won't end Friday. Probably.

Just the same, Rob McConnell will be on the air for 26 hours checking around the globe for any signs of The End.

McConnell, a Mountain resident who has been following the paranormal and other fringe elements of human existence for nearly two decades, will start broadcasting his marathon X-Zone show at 11 p.m. Thursday.

Throughout the show he will be in touch with people around the world to get updates on whether the Mayans were right and knew this was the day the earth's axis would tilt or Planet X would return.

“We’re going to be globe hopping, asking people if the world is going on still where they are,” he says.

It will air on radio stations around North America. McConnell will also broadcast the show with video at

Through history there have regularly been doomsday prophesies — more than 200 by McConnell’s count.

About a decade ago, the idea that the end of the 13-baktun cycle of the Mayan “long count" system of timekeeping — Dec. 21 2012 — meant that ancient Mayans knew something the rest of us didn’t, that being doomsday.

McConnell went to Mexico in February to find out the truth.

“We talked to the Mayans. They said, ‘We didn’t say that,’ ” he says. “They said, ‘What do you do on Dec. 31?’ I told them we have a party and turn the calendar over and start again.”

“Everybody likes to take a prophecy and bend it to suit their own means,” says McConnell. “I certainly haven’t stopped putting money away for the mortgage payments.”

McConnell says over the last 20 years in the paranormal business, he has turned from someone who took most everything at face value to the biggest skeptic.

“I want to believe, but I want to cut through the crap,” he says. “Not one of these reports has come from NASA or another credible scientific source.”

Unless, of course, the government wants to keep it secret.

Mike Nabuurs has been having a little fun with the doomsday prediction this year.

For 50 Fridays, the ambassador of comedy at radio station Funny 820 has been counting down to the end the world, poking some fun along the way.

“I saw it as an opportunity to turn it on its head and make something good out of it,” says the west Mountain resident.

Nabuurs says he had complaints early on from people who misunderstood what he was doing — they had probably never watched one of the videos — and thought he was playing into people’s irrational fears.

But overall he’s he’s surprised there really hasn’t been a lot of talk about this particular doomsday. He was expecting a crescendo toward Dec. 21, much like what happened in 1999 during Y2K fears.

“When you look up the history (of the Mayan theory) the whole thing is a little whacky, but I thought the media would run with it.“

His 50th video — “If we’re around,” Nabuurs jokes — will be unveiled Friday at

Nabuurs says he has heard stories of people stockpiling water and canned goods, but one person near his cottage has thought even further ahead.

“He has stockpiled literally thousands of cases of toilet paper. He’s convinced that’s going to be like gold!” he says. “I can picture this guy on the 22nd going ‘What am I going to do now?’ ”

Nabuurs adds there is a possibility the Mayan calendar has already ended and we are all okay because the Mayans didn’t take into account our leap years.

“We’ve screwed with the calendar so many times I don’t know how anybody could figure it out.”

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