Specific recipe must be followed to end inherent...
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Specific recipe must be followed to end inherent discrimination

Ancaster News

Re: Remove duplication of two school systems, Aug. 2.

Tom Bartlett, Dundas

I’m going to take at face value that the writer sincerely believes in reducing needless educational costs and is only blind to the encroachment and eradication of religious freedoms inherent in the public school system when she calls for amalgamating the public and Catholic school boards into one.

To test those waters, I wonder if she believes the public school board should be subjugated to Catholic value system, or does she assume otherwise?

I suggest the best way to achieve her stated desire of reducing costs and not being discriminatory with the bonus of profoundly boosting the quality of education demands we implement the following:

• Move to the school voucher system so taxpayers can support the system of their choice instead of enforced Catholicism or the secular humanism forced on children in the public school system.

Taxpayers will then not have to pay for a system that teaches values they oppose while still trying to muster up funds for a system that holds to their core principles

• Move to merit-based pay for teachers so that quality teachers can be kept and the deadwood can be eliminated.

Positions will become competitive and even good or marginal teachers will necessarily become better or look for another career

• Insist that schools return to the foundational concepts of the three Rs, which incidentally are not reduce, reuse, recycle

• End the move to provide expanded fully subsidized day care under the guise of full-day kindergarten

Schools are costly because of ideologically driven teachers unions and their incestuous relationship with politicians. Their salaries and power grows along with the costs and a commensurate reduction in freedom of expression and religion.

The truth is that outside of elite private schools, every alternative to public education is cheaper and achieves better outcomes (Catholic, private and home schooling).

That is the recipe that should be advocated by anyone serious about the ending inherent discrimination, reducing costs and enhancing the quality of education.

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