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1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

Titanium makes Blackfin and Bioeyes glasses strong, resilient and fashionable

Titanium: “a grey metallic element…used to make strong, light alloys that are resistant to corrosion.” The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

What do eyeglasses have in common with bike frames and hockey sticks? The answer is: a) the way they are used and b) titanium. Glasses, bikes and hockey sticks all need to be strong and durable for punishing and jarring conditions, as light weight as possible for the user, rust resistant for wet weather conditions and they need to look good.

Considering that top quality bikes and hockey sticks are made from titanium, it is no surprise that titanium is an increasingly popular choice for eyewear frames. Forsight Eyewear carries titanium Bioeyes and Blackfin eyewear made by Pramaor of Italy. These glasses are a stunning fashion statement of lightness, strength and durability. Click here to view the 53 Steps to Perfection in the manufacturing process of Blackfin glasses starting, of course, with a sheet of titanium.

Amir Kirat of Forsight says, “Blackfin titanium framed glasses are handmade in Italy. They mix titanium with acetate (plastic) so you get a light-weight frame with a plastic look. The Bioeyes rimless frame is very, very light – maybe 3 or 4 grams and great for people who suffer from metal sensitivities or who don’t want something noticeable on the face.” For a look at the unique screwless hinges of Bioeyes glasses, visit Bioeyes. Blackfin and Bioeyes are 100 per cent manufactured in Italy at every stage from the cutting and welding to the assembly. Show the world that strength and durability is gorgeous with a pair of Blackfin or Bioeyes.

Bioeyes and Blackfin by Pramaor of Italy at Forsight Eyewear. Call 905-667-1825 or visit

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