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For Sight Eyewear (f5)

Forsight Eyewear Optical Store 1508 Upper James St Hamilton, ON L9B1K3 905-667-1825

These glasses are eye candy

The way you put together an outfit suggests a keen eye for detail and a preference for one-of-a-kind accessories. This eye for the extraordinary has made you stop in front of a window to notice an illuminated piece of artwork on display. The outermost edges of the piece begin with a line of bright turquoise, followed by hot orange and blue flecked fuchsia. Emerald green continues along the shaft, changing midway and ending with a flourish of vibrant poppy red. What is this dazzling display of colour? It is none other than a pair of hand painted Ronit Fürst glasses. Imagine those glasses framing your face; what an impact!

Most optical centres and eyeglass stores carry a decent selection of eyewear and a few might carry products that are a bit different but, where do you go when you want glasses that are out of the ordinary? Hand painted eyewear designed by Ronit Fürst belongs on your face; someone for whom regular glasses simply will not do. There are over 20 different styles and each is available in assorted colour arrangements. No one has the same pair of Ronit Fürst glasses as you do. Amir Kirat of Forsight Eyewear is enthusiastic about offering this line of glasses. “Maybe two other stores in Ontario carry this line. What an amazing product; fun and unique. Each frame comes in 25 colours and all frames are the same price.”

Compliments will be non-stop in a pair of Ronit Fürst and they are available in sunglasses, as well as all types of lenses from bi-focals to single vision. There’s no one in the world quite like you. Live life spectacularly, through the lens of Ronit Furst eyewear.

Ronit Fürst hand painted eyewear in dazzling colours are available at Forsight Eyewear located at the Upper James Square in Hamilton. Call 905-667-1825 or visit

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