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Forsight Eyewear 1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

Forsight Eyewear 1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

The right style of glasses to compliment your face

People who wear glasses are lucky. There are eyeglass frames of every colour and shape imaginable, but, so many styles makes choosing the right pair tricky. By understanding a few rules, everyone is sure to end up with the perfect pair of glasses that will highlight and compliment one’s face and look good with any outfit.

In choosing a pair of glasses the basic rule to remember is: the frame shape should contrast with your face shape and it should be in scale with your face size and features. Which style of glasses for which shape of face?

An oval face has a narrow chin and jaw line with high cheekbones. Due to these fairly balanced proportions, oval faces look good in most frame styles especially rectangular, geometric and even Cat Eye frames. However, to avoid overpowering small facial features, make sure the frames are not too large.

A square face has a strong jaw line and broad forehead. Geometric or square shaped frames will accentuate the square angles of the face, so try round or oval glasses to soften those angular features. Frames should be more horizontal than vertical – Butterfly shaped glasses, for example.

A person with a round face has full cheeks and a rounded chin. The face has equal width and length and few angles. Choose a rectangular frame that is more horizontal than vertical and the face will appear longer and thinner. Geometric shaped frames will add definition to a round face but avoid frames that are too small or short.

A heart shaped face has a wide forehead with high cheekbones and a narrow jaw line including a narrow chin. Lighter coloured glasses will soften the top part of the face and bottom heavy frames will add width to the lower part of the face. Avoid frames that are excessively decorative as that will exaggerate the widest point of the heart shaped face.

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