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The Accounting Place, 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek, 1- 866-938-1010.

The Accounting Place, 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek, 1- 866-938-1010.

The pitfalls of tax avoidance

Taxes: the word brings fear to many Canadians.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Too many individuals and business owners become overwhelmed by taxes.  It’s easy to leave things to the last minute and rush through the process.  You might think that you owe money, so you delay filing your taxes and then miss the deadline.  Big mistake.  The pitfalls of tax avoidance will haunt you in the form of penalties and interest on amounts due, requests for documentation and possible auditing by the Canada Revenue Agency. 

If you’re concerned about how much you’re paying in taxes, get all your ducks in a row, well ahead of tax time.  Face your fears and decide that this is the year to get a plan.  A solid plan which makes sense, and will save you money in the short term and long term.  Reduce your stress by getting a team of tax professionals on your side.

Taxation is the single largest cause of wealth erosion in Canada today and one of the key steps in wealth management is tax smarts.  Expert tax professionals deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on a frequent basis.  They know what questions to ask, how to interpret tax law and how to challenge CRA decisions. One of your best financial management decisions may be to turn over your tax filings to someone who can sort through the muddle and advocate on your behalf.

At The Accounting Place  we know that taxation is your single largest annual expense and believe that everything we do is part of your wealth building and retention plans. We also believe that no one can know it all, or be an expert in all areas of financial services.

This is why we specialize in taxation and work with a team of experts in their respective fields – either yours or ours – consisting of financial planners, investment advisors, bankers, lawyers, estate and retirement specialists and insurance representatives. This gives you access to the expertise that you need and, with The Accounting Place working as your primary advisor coordinating an overall wealth building plan, we can help you manage your financial affairs to your best advantage – while you do what you do best!

Why give the taxman more than is absolutely necessary by law?  The Accounting Place is conveniently located at 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek.  Find out how you can maximize your wealth retention.

Give us a call at 1- 866-938-1010.   TALK TO US…

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