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Lakeside Dental, 461 Green Rd., Unit 4, Stoney Creek, 905-664-0808

Lakeside Dental, 461 Green Rd., Unit 4, Stoney Creek, 905-664-0808

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Your missing teeth can sometimes be ignored especially if they are not front teeth. Although you might feel that because your missing teeth are not noticeable at the side or back of your mouth, missing teeth can do more than ruin your smile. It is important to replace missing teeth before dental issues can arise.

Issues from missing teeth

Many people do not realize that although a lost tooth means no more pain, the gap left behind can lead to some very serious dental issues. Common issues associated with missing teeth can actually change the shape of your face and make it difficult to speak and eat. As well drifting teeth can cause many issues including a painful or uncomfortable bite.

Options for missing teeth

If you are worried you cannot afford to replace missing teeth, there are many options your dentist can discuss with you. From partial, removable dentures to dental bridges and implants, you are certain to find an option that will suit your budget. The most common tooth replacement solutions include:

Dental bridges will return your natural bite and avoid you suffering from more serious dental issues caused when your remaining teeth begin to drift and shift. You can replace a single tooth or a string of teeth with dental bridges.

Partial dentures use a tissue coloured plate that affixes to your existing teeth using metal clasps. The plate is designed to accommodate the replacement teeth and match your specific needs and oral anatomy. They will assist in keeping your bite natural, as well as help avoid drifting teeth when worn regularly. Partial dentures are removable.

Dental implants are a permanent solution and are the closest to the look, feel and durability of your natural teeth. Posts are inserted surgically into your jaw bone which will fuse to the bone. This provides the same permanence as your natural tooth’s root. A false tooth is then affixed to the post for a natural look and feel.

If you have missing teeth Dr. Corinne Contant at Lakeside Dental is the Stoney Creek dentist happy to discuss the many options available to help avoid dental issues down the road. You can call 905-664-0808 to set up a dental appointment today. New patients are always welcome.

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