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Lakeside Dental, 461 Green Rd., Unit 4, Stoney Creek, 905-664-0808

Lakeside Dental, 461 Green Rd., Unit 4, Stoney Creek, 905-664-0808

Smart snack choices for healthy teeth

Finding healthy snacks is important for many reasons. Healthy snacks help you maintain a healthy weight as well as lower your risks of health conditions such as diabetes. However did you know healthy snacks are also good for your dental health?

Damaging sugars

Many people know they are not supposed to eat too much sugar as it is bad for their teeth. However most people don’t know why. Sugar feeds plaque. When you eat sugar plaque “eats” the sugar. As plaque eats sugar it produces acid which causes cavities as it breaks down enamel. The stickier and sweeter the food the more it sticks to your teeth. This gives it more time to produce harmful acids. Regular oral care helps remove sugar.


Just remember as with everything moderation is key. The less you eat sugar the less acid will be produced in your mouth. Choose a time of day that works best for you to enjoy a sweet snack such as after dinner when you will be fuller and eat less as well as be close to a toothbrush. Brushing following a sweet treat will remove the sugar from your teeth so it won’t have time to produce acid.

Your healthy choices

Keep in mind raw fruits and veggies are always a smart choice but that they also contain sugars. When enjoying fruits such as citrus it might be a good idea to consider using enamel toothpaste. Here’s a list of dental healthy snacks that will satisfy without all the sugar:


Plain bagels

Unsweetened cereals

Unbuttered popcorn

Tortilla chips (baked, not fried)

Pretzels (low-salt)

Plain crackers

Milk and dairy products

Low or non-fat yogurt

Low or non-fat cheese including cottage cheese



Sliced meats

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


Dr. Corinne Contant at Lakeside Dental is the Stoney Creek dentist to help keep you on the right track for your dental health. Set-up your initial appointment today at 905-664-0808. New patients are always welcome.

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