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The Accounting Place, 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek, 1- 866-938-1010

The Accounting Place, 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek, 1- 866-938-1010

Scared of the taxman?

For many individuals and businesses income taxes and contact with Canada Revenue Agency is a scary and often intimidating topic.  Nothing quite sends a shiver down your spine than the little brown envelope from Canada Revenue Agency that says “You’re being audited!”

A tax return can be completed many ways with each being technically correct, however at the ned of the day, only one of those returns will be to your best overall advantage. One of the largest financial mistakes that Canadians can make is assuming the CRA is correct. More times than not, it is a matter of interpretation and documentation that determines the calculations.

When you receive that letter from CRA, don’t panic. At The Accounting Place we will represent you with CRA regardless of who prepared your tax returns, eliminating the stress, apprehension and fear. At the same time we will ensure that the end results are fair and to your best overall advantage, within the framework of the legislation.

At The Accounting Place we know that taxation is your single largest annual expense and believe that everything we do is part of your wealth building and retention plans. We also believe that no one can know it all, or be an expert in all areas of financial services.

This is why we specialize in taxation and work with a team of experts in their respective fields – either yours or ours – consisting of financial planners, investment advisors, bankers, lawyers, estate and retirement specialists and insurance representatives. This gives you access to the expertise that you need and, with The Accounting Place working as your primary advisor coordinating an overall wealth building plan, we can help you manage your financial affairs to your best advantage – while you do what you do best!

Why give the taxman more than is absolutely necessary by law? The Accounting Place is conveniently located at 154 Grays Road, Stoney Creek. Find out how you can maximize your wealth retention. Give us a call at 1- 866-938-1010.   


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