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Golf Links Dental,1015 Golf Links Road Unit 401B, Ancaster, 905-648-9598

Golf Links Dental,1015 Golf Links Road Unit 401B, Ancaster, 905-648-9598

Root canal – not so scary anymore

Root canal. A term we used to dread. We would cringe in horror when we heard it, have visions of huge instruments, loud noises and days and days of pain.

Not anymore.

Many advances have taken place in the dental community in a move toward making procedures much less invasive and a lot less painful. Fortunately root canal is one of them.

The team at Golf Links Dental knows you probably still don’t want to hear the words, ‘root canal’, but with their dental expertise, informative explanations and excellent bedside manner – they pretty much take any scariness out of the reputation that precedes it.

Root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or that has become infected or damaged. The procedure involves the removal of the nerve and pulp.  The pulp will break down and bacteria will begin to multiply, this can cause infection or abscessed tooth therefore it must be removed and the inside of the tooth must be cleaned and sealed.

The staff at Golf Links Dental will first numb the area around the tooth. The dentist will then drill down into the tooth to create an opening in the canal. They then remove the infected pulp and clean the canal and the tooth is then filled with a sealant. It is recommended that the tooth that has undergone a root canal be fitted with a crown; it will improve the appearance of the tooth and help ensure the success of the procedure.

Local anesthetic and over the counter pain medication alleviate any pain that could occur during and after the procedure. In fact, the biggest source of discomfort the patient experiences – is the pain they were experiencing before seeking dental care!

Don’t live with discomfort. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment to visit Golf Links Dental of Ancaster.  They can only make it better.  Call the office or visit their website. 905-648-9598/


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