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Beauty Supply Outlet BSO Burlington 3315 Fairview St. Burlington ON L7N 3N9 905-634-3355

Beauty Supply Outlet BSO Burlington 3315 Fairview St. Burlington ON L7N 3N9 905-634-3355

Repairing dry summer hair with professional, salon quality products

Do you love taking cool dips in the pool or lounging around at the beach to work on your sun-kissed glow? You might feel great, but all that summer activity can wreak havoc on your hair’s texture, making it look dry and damaged. We visited The Beauty Supply Outlet in Burlington to check out some salon quality products that can save your hair from the effects of chlorine, heat and bleaching.

Repeated bouts in the pool can cause chlorine to build up on your hair. If you’re a blond, that can mean not only dryness but also green discolouration. You need a strong clarifying shampoo capable of removing harsh chemicals. Here are two we recommend:

• Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three—The deep cleansers in this clarifying shampoo remove chlorine, iron, minerals and impurities which can dull and weaken the hair. It helps prevents greening from chlorine and also strengthens your strands to prevent future build-up.

• Regis Designline Clarifying Shampoo—This powerful cleanser removes resins and deposits that accumulate and make hair dull. Safe to use every day, this clarifying shampoo revives limp hair and keeps it fresh and shiny.

Whether the sun’s rays are naturally lightening your hair colour, or you’re using a product to chemically bleach your strands, your hair can gradually become dry and damaged. To bring back a smooth look and soft feel, try Joico K-Pak Reconstructor. Packed with amino acids and proteins, this formula works to repair and rebuild hair that’s been damaged by environmental stresses, chemicals and thermal styling. Available as a five-minute treatment or leave-in spray, it restores shine and texture, returning damaged hair to health.

Find more tips and trends, and professional, salon quality products at The Beauty Supply Outlet in Burlington. Visit or call 905-634-3355.

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