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Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle Street South, Caledonia 1-888-932-7479

Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle Street South, Caledonia 1-888-932-7479

Redefined luxury at Winegard Motors

Imagine entering your car without having to reach for a key or parallel parking within 24 seconds.

These are just a couple of the luxuries of driving a Lincoln.

Winegard Motors in Caledonia has sold Lincoln vehicles for decades. Staff at the family-owned business are experts on all the features these fine products have to offer. And their technicians are experts in any service or repair they might need.

And if you haven`t seen a Lincoln recently, you may just be surprised. The company is working to redefine luxury and add features to improve safety, comfort and elegance

The design team behind the new Lincoln MKZ started with a blank canvas to create a vehicle that would look like a show car.

Soo Kang, a chief designer for Lincoln, used bio mimicry when designing the MKZ. This is the idea of imitating nature to create man-made products. For the Lincoln MKZ Concept, Kang turned to used the beauty of Calla lillies and waterfalls for inspiration and she also studied the manta ray.

The collaboration of interior and exterior designers on the MKZ resulted in a car that is elegant and distinctive. Inside, the flowing, open concept is complete with a push-button shift, a calming  design with leather seats, real wood accents and a THX II sound system.

The outside features clean lines, LED headlamps that appear to float and a fully retractable glass roof to provide an open-air experience.

And the MKZ is only one of many luxurious, superbly designed Lincoln vehicles. You can check them all out at Winegard Motors today.

For more information, call 1-866-914-4674 or 1-888-711-5302, email or visit their website. Winegard Motors is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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