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Viking Building Systems, Hamilton, ON 905-388-7846

Viking Building Systems, Hamilton, ON 905-388-7846

Post frame construction – a primer

Why exactly would you – or anyone for that matter, consider a Viking Building Systems Ltd. post frame constructed building?

Overall these buildings are a great construction option because of the ability to customize to just about any specifications.

Consider this; post frame construction’s origins go back to inventive farmers who needed an inexpensive and not labour intensive way to build a building large enough to house farming equipment and solid and durable enough to be practical.

Today post frame building is still the desired technique for many agricultural and commercial buildings. Three things make a post frame building preferred over other construction methods: versatility; durability; and, cost.

Post frame buildings are sometimes overlooked; many people do not realize all of the options available with this type of building. Vinyl, steel, wood, cement board, press board fibre strand are all different possibilities of exterior siding for a post frame building. A post frame building can be designed to accommodate multiple levels, different roof pitches and more intricate design features including dormers. Further, this type of building can be built on uneven ground with less expense than traditional building techniques because a post frame building does not need a traditional foundation – each post sit on a concrete footing.

Durability is a large factor when considering construction. The building’s lateral loads transfer directly into the ground. This makes the entire structure very stable. Post frame buildings are sturdy, especially in high wind, snow, rain or even seismic activity areas because of the weight of the building being set below ground level.

The cost to manufacture a post frame fabrication is less expensive. Fewer materials are required to create it and construction time is greatly reduced. And finally to add to their cost benefits, post frame structures have large gaps between posts and are easier to insulate.

Looking to add an additional structure on your commercial property; perhaps a workshop or a place to house equipment? Call fully-licensed Master Contractor Zig Zilinskas at (905) 388-7846 and arrange for a no-obligation site visit and estimate.

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