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Forsight Eyewear 1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

Forsight Eyewear 1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

Kids might be shy about problems with their eyes

Most kids would prefer to be playing over having the flashlight of an optometrist shined in their eyes, but a regular eye checkup is a good educational tool and can help detect early signs of eye disorders and disease. Children may not care to speak up about their eye troubles and some vision problems do not have easily detectable outward symptoms, for example a tilted head may be a sign that your child is coping with double vision or one pupil that is larger than another may be a sign of nerve damage or a tumour. Do you have a family history of childhood vision problems? Does your child complain about seeing the board properly at school? Perhaps you notice that your child squints while watching television or is not interested in reading or viewing far away objects.

Children are naturally active and almost half of eye injuries in children and teens occur during sports and recreational activities. Safety glasses, sunglasses and corrective eyewear if needed are all part of your arsenal to keep eyes safe and healthy for life. Lots of school-age kids have vision problems and if left untreated, many of these problems could lead to permanent vision loss. Forsight Eyewear carries many frames for boys and girls of all ages every age even as young as 2 or 3 years old. Ray Ban and the Juicy Couture lines offer a great selection of fun, colourful glasses for every personality.

There is a correlation between vision and learning. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month so before school starts remember to bring the whole family in for an eye checkup. If you have your exam first, your child will be less anxious. Your child can focus on a fresh start at school when the path to success is seen clearly.

Speak to a licensed optician and optometrist about your child’s eyes. Call Forsight Eyewear located at the Upper James Square in Hamilton 905-667-1825, or visit for more information.

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