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triOS College 1-866-473-2084

triOS College 1-866-473-2084

Job Search Techniques

It is always important to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest job search techniques.  triOS College Business Technology Healthcare Employment Specialists give their perspective on the ever-changing world of employment.

What can Job-seekers do to increase their chances of getting an interview?

Apply for jobs Monday morning

Mondays are the best days to apply for a job.  Your resume is on the top of the pile for recruiters and your chances of getting an interview are increased.

Social Media

We are in the age of social media so use this to your advantage.  Ramp up your social media plan and take the time to update your LinkedIn profile.  It is also a good idea to clean up your presence on Facebook, Twitter etc. and make sure your settings are appropriate.  Many employers Google candidates before agreeing to an interview.

Volunteer Your Time

If you are able to find a place to volunteer that uses your skills and expertise, you will gain valuable experience.  Not only that, you never know where your next connection will come from.  It doesn’t stop there, many employers look to see what kind of volunteering you have on your resume.


Yes, it sounds strange, but the benefits of physical activity are truly beneficial for job-seekers.  Searching for work is stressful and can cause even the most successful individuals to become insecure.  Endorphins are released when you exercise and they will make you feel happier and more motivated to keep job hunting.         

Job searching can be scary and sometime overwhelming!  triOS College has Employment Specialists on hand at each campus to help students and graduates with this part of their education.  Contact triOS at 1-866-473-2084 to learn more about the programs available and book a campus tour.

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