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Acumen Insurance Group 905-574-7000

Acumen Insurance Group 905-574-7000

Insurance needs for restaurants, bars and pubs

Owning a restaurant, bar or pub can be hard work. To the outside world, it can seem glamourous and fun, but in reality it’s a 24 hour/seven days a week kind of job. From bookkeeping, to cooking to marketing initiatives – as the owner you are responsible for it all! And one area you don’t want to skimp on is insurance.

The proper insurance package can protect restaurant, bar and pub owners from a plethora of issues that can arise. Anything from broken equipment, contaminated food and even liability lawsuits.As an entrepreneur, if you own a business that involves serving food and alcohol to the general public or are thinking about starting a new venture up, here some things to consider in regards to your insurance:

Property insurance: While it may not cover natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, this insurance does protect your property in case of fire or other events.

General liability: This policy covers you and your business in the event that someone slips and falls in your establishment or gets sick after eating there (whether it was your chef’s fault or not).

Liquor liability – If you serve alcohol to customers, this is a big one to have. It helps protect your business in the unimaginable event that a customer has drank too much, drives and potentially hurts themselves or someone else.

Food contamination-loss of income endorsement: This one will cover your business income, direct damages and additional advertising expenses if your establishment is ordered closed by the Board of Health or any other governmental authority as a result of food contamination.

Specific peril insurance: This covers many natural disasters that general liability insurance doesn’t. Events like earthquakes, floods or power outages can be covered under this insurance.

Acumen Insurance Group Inc. is a full service, independent Insurance brokerage. Their enthusiastic staff of licensed insurance professionals are ready to provide you the absolute best solutions for your insurance needs. For more information, visit

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