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Lakeside Dental 461 Green Rd Unit 4, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5B4 905-664-0808

Lakeside Dental 461 Green Rd Unit 4, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5B4 905-664-0808

Home teeth whitening versus dental office whitening

If you are considering having your teeth whitened and are uncertain how best to proceed understanding the difference between home whitening versus whitening at your dental office, will help.

Common causes of teeth stains

Your teeth are exposed to staining everyday. Beverages such as wine, coffee and tea, foods such as blueberries and habits such as smoking can all contribute to the discolouration of your teeth. Medications you might have taken during your childhood can also cause discolouration to your teeth as well as poor dental hygiene.

Drug Store Teeth Whitening Kits

Since they first arrived on the shelves, dental whitening kits have been used with great enthusiasm. However if you have not yet purchased a kit there are a few things to consider. First and perhaps most importantly, OTC dental whitening can cause tooth sensitivity as these kits do not provide any protection for your gums. Tooth sensitivity might sound harmless, but it can be very uncomfortable and even painful.

When you use OTC kits you can also end up with uneven whitening which can look worse than the original staining. This can occur for a number of reasons but the main cause is that the strips and/or trays provided do not provide a good fit which can lead to streaking as well as yellow lines between your teeth. Most strips only cover your front teeth which means when you laugh and smile the molars at the front of your mouth will still be yellow. The level of whiteness will never be as brilliant with an OTC kit as the amount of hydrogen peroxide is very low.

Dental Office Whitening

When you have teeth whitening treatments at your Stoney Creek dental office you will experience far more intense whitening results. Products such as SpaDent contain special peroxide called carbamide peroxide which penetrates beyond the surface stains of your teeth, reaching the dentin.

Your Stoney Creek dentist will also apply your teeth whitening using a dual arch tray that is designed to reach all surfaces of your teeth for even whitening. Whitening is then enhanced using a red light/blue light technology. The blue light speeds up the whitening process while the red light rejuvenates and accelerates healing. This assists in avoiding sensitivity as well as eliminating the burning sensation often experienced with home whitening kits. The treatment takes just 20 minutes and you can see whitening as much as 8 shades lighter.

Now that you know the benefits of dental office teeth whitening you can call Lakeside Dental to learn more about SpaDent teeth whitening and your white smile. You can call 905-664-0808 to set up an appointment today.

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