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Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle Street South, Caledonia 1-888-932-7479

Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle Street South, Caledonia 1-888-932-7479

Get your vehicle ready for winter

In the winter, weather can change quickly, placing extra demands on your driving skills and your vehicle. In addition to staying alert and slowing down, the Ministry of Transportation recommends getting your vehicle winter-ready with a maintenance check-up.

This includes having your battery, belts, hoses, radiator, oil, lights, brakes, tires, exhaust system, heater/defroster, wipers and ignition system checked. The ministry also advises having your tires checked and to consider purchasing winter tires, which provide better traction, braking and handling during frost, snow, slush and icy conditions.

Winegard Motors is offering a special ‘get ready for winter’ service appointment. Don’t wait for that first cold snap to book an appointment with your service technician to install your winter tires, have your battery checked, as well as your antifreeze, fuel and ignition systems, headlights and other key components.

A premier dealership of new and used Ford and Lincoln vehicles, Winegard Motors has served Caledonia and surrounding communities since 1946. In addition to selling pre-owned and new vehicles, Winegard Motors also has collision repair, parts and service departments with highly-skilled technicians.

Winegard Motors also provides a tip sheet on its website with information on how to; maintain your vehicle’s battery performance in the cold; prepare for a winter roadside emergency; and limit condensation in your tank and reduce gas-line freezing.

Important winter driving tips include keeping your fuel tank sufficiently at least half a tank. You should also make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid in the reservoir that is rated a minimum of -40°C temperature range. Keep an extra jug in your vehicle. Also, clear snow and ice from the roof, hood, trunk and all windows, lights and mirrors. After starting your vehicle, wait for the fog to clear from the windows so you will have good visibility all around.

Call Winegard Motors today for advice on how to be sure your vehicle is ready for winter.

For more information, call 1-866-914-4674 or 1-888-711-5302, email or visit their website. Winegard Motors is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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