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621 Barton St Unit 7, Hamilton ON 905-643-6800

621 Barton St Unit 7, Hamilton ON 905-643-6800

Fruitland Veterinary Hospital

It’s wise for pet owners to keep a close eye on their four-legged family member’s health. But even the most vigilant owner needs peace of mind.

That’s where Fruitland Veterinary Hospital comes in. Our checkups identify new or emerging problems before they become serious. We’re here to keep you up-to-date on vaccinations, provide emergency care and address any questions or concerns about your pet’s health.

Located in a clean, comfortable and state-of-the-art facility in Stoney Creek, Fruitland Veterinary Hospital is as passionate about pet care as it is professional. We offer the following services:

We provide vaccinations to prevent diseases like Canine Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo, among others. We also administer Rabies vaccines as required by City of Hamilton bylaws.

Wellness examinations and heartworm prevention
We screen for early signs of diseases – like heartworm – to minimize damage to organ systems and stop the disease’s progression.

Surgical services
We offer spay and neutering, declawing, laceration repair, lump removal, urinary bladder surgeries, Abdominal exploratory surgical procedures, eye surgeries, among others.

Pet dentistry
We offer dental examinations and teeth cleaning to prevent infections of the organs stemming from periodontal disease.

X-ray services and emergency care
We provide quality digital imaging for quick assessments in emergency cases. We are equipped with emergency medicine, laboratory facilities and monitoring apparatus.

We implant the chip under your pet’s skin should he or she ever go missing.

Care for exotic pets and birds
We are experienced at diagnosing illness in exotic pets and birds, and provide the best health-care advice to owners.

Pet humane euthanasia
We will assist you with this difficult decision and ensure you and your pet receive the best care and compassion.
Fruitland Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new pet patients. It’s advised that pet owners bring their pet’s medical history, as well as knowledge of any recent behavioural shifts. In some cases, we will refer you to a specialist with expertise in pet health, such as internal medicine or surgery.
Fruitland Veterinary Hospital is located at 621 Barton St. Unit 7 in Hamilton, Ont. To schedule an appointment, call 905-643-6800. Visit our website, email us or follow us on Facebook.

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