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Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle St S, Caledonia ON 1-888-932-7479

Winegard Motors Ltd, 140 Argyle St S, Caledonia ON 1-888-932-7479

Easy ways to customize your ride with Winegard Motors

You take a great deal of pride in your ride. As soon as the weather is nice enough you’re out there every chance you get washing and preening your automotive baby. You keep the interior as clean as an operating room and fixate over every little scratch or ding that appears no matter how old your car is. Winegard Motors wants to help take your automotive obsession to the next level. They offer solutions that keep your car or truck looking its best, and custom touches that turn it into a one in a million work of art. Here’s a sampling of the quality products and services available to protect and enhance your pride and joy.

You’ve made an investment in your car, both financially and emotionally. Trust the service professionals at Winegard to help choose and install the best products for your needs. Tired of being blinded during your morning or evening commute? Quality window tinting installed correctly will last the lifetime of the car and help to shade the interior, keeping it cool and squint free. Those winter months sure make it difficult to get in your car first thing in the morning. Have a remote starter installed into any make or model and walk out to a car that’s waiting for you toasty and warm.

Protect your valuables and your truck. Keep those tools away from prying eyes and increase the aerodynamics of your truck with a tonneau cover specifically designed to fit your bed. Boxliners can be custom fitted or sprayed directly on. They are designed to keep corrosion at bay while protecting your stuff. Help to keep your paint job chip free with a little added protection. Having bug deflectors and mud flaps installed comes in handy when using our trucks as they were intended to be used. Any vehicle can benefit from protective undercoating, paint protection, rustproofing or interior protection in this four season climate we live in. Custom detailing services are available also available.

Visit or call the experts at Winegard Motors in Caledonia to find out more about how they can help keep your vehicle looking and working like new. Visit the website for more information on services provided and contact details.

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