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1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

1508 Upper James St Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K3 905-667-1825

Convenience and ease of Switch Magnetic Interchange Lens System

One eyeglass lens is never enough. Every athlete and motorist knows that one pair of glasses can’t possibly accommodate the multitude of weather and outdoor light conditions. If you are a contact lens wearing mountain biker you need your prescription sunglasses and your regular sunglasses won’t do if you find yourself pedalling through the shady part of a forest. Interchangeable lenses allow you to just switch the lenses instead of switching glasses but if you find a mechanical l interchange lens system tricky, the Switch Magnetic Interchange Lens System has just solved your problem. The Switch system is more convenient, faster and easier to use than mechanical interchange lenses. The lenses stay put even when dropped and put through the same movements experienced by a skier, snowboarder, runner or mountain biker. Your Switch Vision prescription lenses look just like regular sunglasses.

Amir Kirat of Forsight Eyewear says, “When you buy the product you get 2 pairs of lenses. One pair is your choice of polarized or non-polarized lenses and the other is a rose coloured lens. The rose colour of the lens is not too dark and ideal for when it is not too sunny outside. It is great for people who play golf or go on the motorcycle who still need glasses. The big advantage of the Switch line is for people who wear contact lenses. They can get a pair of prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses.” The magic of Switch Switch Vision system involves “…energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame to enable users to swap lenses quickly and easily as light conditions and activities change.” Where do you store the extra lenses? Carry your extra lenses in your pocket contained in the magnetic LensPod that pops open for easy use. The lenses are treated to repel water and are easy to clean. Imagine yourself on the trail or the golf course and being able to see clearly defined objects in the shade without having to lift up your sunglasses ever again. Imagine the possibilities.

The Switch Magnetic Interchange Lens System now available at Forsight Eyewear. Call 905-667-1825 or visit target="_blank">

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