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Lakeside Dental 461 Green Rd Unit 4, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5B4 905-664-0808

Lakeside Dental 461 Green Rd Unit 4, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5B4 905-664-0808

Bonding: The Most Affordable Cosmetic Treatment

When you have imperfections in your smile it is not unusual to want to make improvements. The challenge many people face is a fear they cannot afford to make the changes they would like to achieve the perfect smile they have always wanted.

However, dental bonding is a very effective and very affordable cosmetic dentistry option placing a perfect smile within your reach.

Dental bonding
Dental bonding is a dental treatment that has many uses. It is also referred to as composite bonding and your dentist uses this treatment for restorative purposes for cavities, chips and cracks as well as cosmetic treatments. Bonding works with a resin that your dentist is able to shape and size as it is very malleable material. It is perfect for repairing any manner of dental issues because it can be manipulated to help hide imperfections such as malformed teeth, gaps, chips and cracks and is often used to replace unsightly dark fillings that can ruin the look of your smile.

Bonding provides a natural coloured filling that people prefer when restoring their damaged teeth. Although the resin is malleable your dentist uses a laser or UV light that will strengthen the bond of the resin to your teeth, hence the name “bonding”. The laser “cures” the resin transforming it from a soft malleable material into a surface that is just as durable as your natural teeth. The end result is perfectly shaped teeth that are natural and white. The resin is also colour matched for cases where only a few teeth are being corrected or repaired.

Affordable, immediate cosmetic dental treatment
There are many cosmetic dental treatments available that do the same job as bonding but they can prove to be quite costly. Although these choices provide a more permanent solution, dental bonding has many benefits including:

∙     No need for dental impressions, painful grinding and reshaping

∙     No need for waiting for dental lab work

∙     Very little discomfort

∙     New perfect teeth as soon as 20 minutes

∙     Affordable solution

∙     Easy and affordable to repair

If you are considering having a dental cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your smile Dr. Corinne Contant at Lakeside Dental is the Stoney Creek dentist happy to discuss your options. You can call 905-664-0808 to set up an appointment today. Find us on Facebook. New patients are always welcome.

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