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Fruitland Veterinary Hospital 621 Barton St Unit 7, Hamilton ON      905-643-6800

Fruitland Veterinary Hospital 621 Barton St Unit 7, Hamilton ON 905-643-6800

Beat the heat, seasonal pet allergies and Insect bites

For our four-legged family friends, the summer months are welcome respite from being trapped indoors. More time having fun in the sun, however, can prompt seasonal allergies in your pets, and also raises the risk of heat exhaustion.

While seasonal allergies typically prompt respiratory symptoms in humans, your pet’s allergies manifest themselves on their skin. A sudden onset of itchiness in the summer could be a sign of seasonal allergies caused by sensitivity to airborne allergens, like pollens, moulds and dander. Severe allergies from insect bites can be life threatening.

Located in Stoney Creek, Ont., Fruitland Veterinary Hospital, offers routine examinations to diagnose and prevent seasonal allergy symptoms. We also advise you of preventative measures to minimize itchy skin that, if left unchecked, can cause extreme discomfort or trauma for your pets.

More time outdoors in the summer months also means increased exposure to the heat. Dogs and cats don’t sweat – except minimally through the pads on their paws. This makes long periods in excessively hot temperatures highly dangerous.

Heat exhaustion in your pets is life-threatening and requires immediate treatment. Signs of heat stroke include heavy panting, drooling, unsteadiness, vomiting and diarrhea. Treatment consists of replacing lost fluids and monitoring for organ failure and neurological damage.

Heat stroke in pets is preventable by avoiding vigorous exercise on hot days and always ensuring fresh water is available. Of course, it is never advisable to leave animals in a car on a warm day – even with the windows rolled down.

Likewise, because your pets are likely to spend more time outdoors in the summer, they have an increased chance of coming into contact with other animals – some of which may be carrying infectious disease. For this reason, it’s very important to ensure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date.

Fruitland Veterinary Hospital is located at 621 Barton St. Unit 7 in Hamilton, Ont. To schedule an appointment, call 905-643-6800. Visit our website, email us or follow us on Facebook.

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