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1024 Upper Wentworth Unit 8, Hamilton ON L9A 4V9 905-963-1371

1024 Upper Wentworth Unit 8, Hamilton ON L9A 4V9 905-963-1371

Animazing Pet Spa

Looking for an awesome bath experience for your dog? Let Animazing Pet Spa change the grooming experience for both you and your dog.

Dogs are sometimes scared of getting wet and when they’re left at a groomer’s they may wonder why you’ve disappeared. A stressed out dog may be difficult for a groomer to handle. If it’s a hassle for you to drop your dog off and pick them up later, Animazing Pet Spa offers a new bathing system which uses minimal water and allows your dog to remain comfortable with you at their side. We use a patented bathing system and Pure Oxygen Shampoo. Dogs are effectively cleaned, dried and brushed out with you by their side. No more anxiety for either of you.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly groomer, you’ll be happy to learn that our Anivac system uses very little water. Grooming is much faster than the traditional method, which means efficient service. You and your dog can be home in no time.

Choose from a range of packages to clean and pamper your furry best friend:

- Bath only
- Bath, Dry, DeShed and Nails and tidy trim if requested
- Full Grooming at Kitchener and Waterloo locations only

Our groomers love dogs! We also offer the following services:

- Tidy trimming
- Nail clipping
- Flea baths
- DeSkunk

If your curious pet has encountered a skunk, we use our patented Pure Oxygen Fungal Wash and Deodorizer for a 20 minute soak, followed by a thorough bath.

Treat your dog to revolutionary pet grooming at Animazing Pet Spa.

We offer 4 locations to serve you. For more information, call us:

BURLINGTON 905-592-2134 484 Plains Rd. E. (next to the Bingo Connection Hall)
HAMILTON 905-963-1371 1024 Upper Wentworth, Unit # 8 (across from Limerage Mall)
KITCHENER 519-514-0120 700 Strasburg Rd #26
WATERLOO 519-954-5550 450 Columbia St W.

Check out our Facebook page or website for updates and pictures. No appointment necessary – just walk in!

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