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Animazing Pet Spa 1024 Upper Wentworth Unit 8, Hamilton ON L9A 4V9 905-963-1371

Animazing Pet Spa 1024 Upper Wentworth Unit 8, Hamilton ON L9A 4V9 905-963-1371

An easy and effective way to bathe your dog

Animazing Pet Spa in Hamilton, Ontario is where pet owners go to give their beloved four legged friends a truly fun cleaning experience. For those of us who have had the usually unpleasant experience of bathing our pets in the bathroom tub , Animazing has a solution that gives pet parents a break and allows for a cleaner, happier dog.

The team behind Animazing Pet Spa has revolutionized the way we clean and bathe our pets. Even after multiple baths, sometimes our dogs retain that famous dog smell. This returning bad dog smell is eliminated after a visit at Animazing.

The Animazing cleaning system uses wash nozzles that work like a comb, going down to the animal’s skin where the source of dirt and oils are. These nozzles spray the skin and vacuum up the dirt and oils, leaving nothing but clean skin and a glistening coat. This system is effective since it finds the source behind the cause of bad dog smell, cleaning out dirt, oils, and other smell-inducing substances. It also uses less water and eliminates the mess of traditional pet bathing.

The other great benefit of Animazing’s pet bathing system is that it is quick and easy. Depending on the services you would like, as well as the condition of your pet’s coat, a typical bath lasts only 10-20 minutes. This is especially helpful for dogs that get a little anxious waiting around for their bath to be over.

Animazing is also a great option for busy pet parents since there are no appointments needed. Walk-ins are always welcome since our facility has the equipment and staff to accommodate you whenever you walk on in.

The main benefit of Animazing is that our first priority is your pet. We create a welcoming environment and handle your pet with the utmost care. Our cleaning system is 100% safe and gentle on your pet, and the bathing system feels like a really good back scratch!

Stop by any time at our Hamilton location 1024 Upper Wentworth (across from Lime Ridge Mall) 905-963-1371.

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