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Viking Building Systems, Hamilton, ON 905-388-7846

Viking Building Systems, Hamilton, ON 905-388-7846

Additional economic viability

With post frame construction, it all really comes down to several factors as we have already discussed. Versatility, durability, and, cost. But there is another major factor at play, and you might even look at it as an eco-friendly option – especially if you are considering ways of potentially reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainability.

You see, post frame construction is, as we already know, an energy-efficient building method. Its primary material, wood, is a renewable resource that is widely available and sustainably harvested throughout North America. Wood is naturally strong, and innovations in engineered wood products allow it to be used for longer spans and taller structures than ever before.

With the roof trusses and the building’s frame being wood, these same widely spaced, relatively thick wood side and end-wall posts minimize the number of thermal breaks and the opportunity for heat loss.

Wood is an excellent insulator and as alluded before, reduces heat transfer at the widely spaced thermal breaks in post frame systems. Wood also contributes to a building’s energy efficiency and has an important role to play in the fight against climate change. Condensation accumulation on the inside wall surfaces is practically eliminated. And there’s an additional benefit. Wood products require much less energy to produce than either concrete or steel.

From a purely practical aspect, newer energy codes require higher levels of insulation. Post frame is a particularly good option because its walls and roofs are relatively easy to insulate. Wide column spacing allows for continuous insulation between structural elements, resulting in far fewer interruptions in insulation material, and less chance of any form of thermal leakage.

Where the insulation is interrupted, wooden structural members have natural insulating properties and conduct less heat than most structural steel or masonry components. And finally, post frame constructed buildings feature a large built-in wall cavity for plenty of insulation such as spray foam, Pink™ Fiberglas® – or any other type, just like a house – thereby lowering heating and cooling costs year round.

Care to know more? Talk to Master Contractor Zig Zilinskas about your specific needs; call him at (905) 388-7846 and arrange for a no obligation estimate.

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