One Direction 'absolutely great' without Zayn Malik-Image1

One Direction

One Direction 'absolutely great' without Zayn Malik

Harry Styles says One Direction's shows are going "absolutely great" despite Zayn Malik quitting the band earlier this year.

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Reese Witherspoon's shoeless childhood-Image1

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's shoeless childhood

Reese Witherspoon has revealed she preferred to be bare foot as a young girl but isn't sure why she wouldn't wear anything on her feet.

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Kim Kardashian + Kanye West 'definitely opposites'-Image1

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian + Kanye West 'definitely opposites'

Kim Kardashian West thinks her and her husband Kanye West are "definitely opposites".

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Chris Brown child payment war heats up-Image1

Chris Brown

Chris Brown child payment war heats up

Chris Brown's war with Nia Guzman over child support has heated up after the 31-year-old model's mother claimed the 'Loyal' hitmaker was not...

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News | 4 hours ago
Hamilton Children's Museum

Hamilton Children’s Museum getting ready for December opening

The structural work at Hamilton Children’s Museum is done and now it’s just a matter of redecorating and setting up new...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Blake Lively treated better brunette-Image1

Blake Lively treated better brunette

Blake Lively finds people treat her differently when she changes her hair colour, and she gets more "respect" when brunette.

Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Hank Baskett bought Kendra Wilkinson new wedding ring-Image1

Hank Baskett bought Kendra Wilkinson new wedding ring

Hank Baskett has bought his wife Kendra Wilkinson a new wedding ring after she flushed her original diamond down the toilet...

Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Rita Ora 'losing the plot'-Image1

Rita Ora 'losing the plot'

Rita Ora feels like she's "losing the plot" most of the time, but admitted she hasn't had a breakdown for a couple of years.

Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Stella Maxwell loves partner 'sometimes'-Image1

Stella Maxwell loves partner 'sometimes'

Miley Cyrus' rumoured girlfriend Stella Maxwell loves her significant other "sometimes".

Celebrity | 6 hours ago
George Clooney 'forced' into tequila business

George Clooney 'forced' into tequila business

Rande Gerber says he and George Clooney were "forced" into their tequila business because they were ordering so much for...

Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Alec Baldwin annoyed wife during labour-Image1

Alec Baldwin annoyed wife during labour

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria has confessed he p***ed her off while she was giving birth to their son Rafael, on June 16.

Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Amanda Seyfried wants private wedding-Image1

Amanda Seyfried wants private wedding

When Amanda Seyfried - who is dating Justin Long - gets married, she wants to do so without any guests.

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