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Celebrity | 4 hours ago
James McAvoy to 'punch' useless parents-Image1

James McAvoy to 'punch' useless parents

James McAvoy has admitted he no longer blames children for their behaviour and, instead, thinks the parents need a good...

Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Naughty Boy's homemade meals-Image1

Naughty Boy's homemade meals

Naughty Boy used to get his mother to make his dinner every day and send it over to his studio via a taxi but then, after...

Celebrity | 8 hours ago
Kate Winslet has no computer-Image1

Kate Winslet has no computer

Kate Winslet doesn't own a computer and imposes restrictions on her children's use of technology.

Celebrity | 8 hours ago
Julia Roberts 'fascinated' by relationship-Image1

Julia Roberts 'fascinated' by relationship

Julia Roberts finds her own marriage "fascinating" and thinks the key to a long and successful relationship is to stay...

Celebrity | 8 hours ago
Denise Van Outen on Lee Mead marriage-Image1

Denise Van Outen on Lee Mead marriage

Denise Van Outen has admitted she doesn't regret her marriage with her ex-husband Lee Mead and is glad they can remain...

Celebrity | 10 hours ago
Kourtney Kardashian sets rules for Scott Disick-Image1

Kourtney Kardashian sets rules for Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian has set a number of rules for Scott Disick to abide by before she will consider a reunion.

Celebrity | 10 hours ago
Olly Murs wants to become father-Image1

Olly Murs wants to become father

Olly Murs has admitted he's keen to become a father in the near future but wants to wait until he can give the child his full...

Celebrity | 10 hours ago
Lindsey Vonn loves Tiger Woods-Image1

Lindsey Vonn loves Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn has admitted, although she split from Tiger Woods six months ago after three years of dating, she still has...

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