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Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Stevie Wonder is divorced-Image1

Stevie Wonder is divorced

Stevie Wonder is officially divorced from second wife Kai Millard Morris, six years after they split.

Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Rosie O'Donnell 'threw daughter out'-Image1

Rosie O'Donnell 'threw daughter out'

Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea insists she didn't run away but was thrown out of home by the star.

Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Robbie Williams planning acting career-Image1

Robbie Williams planning acting career

Robbie Williams has revealed he plans to become a TV actor and is currently working on an idea for a new show.

Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Lady Gaga: Taylor loves that I act-Image1

Lady Gaga: Taylor loves that I act

Pop star Lady Gaga says her fiance Taylor Kinney thinks it's 'cool' and has supported her decision to join 'American Horror...

Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Dougie Poynter has secret acting lessons-Image1

Dougie Poynter has secret acting lessons

Dougie Poynter has been having secret acting sessions in order to help him kickstart his career in the theatre industry.

Celebrity | 4 hours ago
Rihanna doesn't have one night stands-Image1

Rihanna doesn't have one night stands

Rihanna has admitted she isn't the type to have casual sex with strangers even though her lack of action in the bedroom has...

Celebrity | 5 hours ago
Ellie Goulding's chocolate binge-Image1

Ellie Goulding's chocolate binge

Ellie Goulding was "so badly addicted" to sugar that she would eat nothing else but chocolate.

Celebrity | 5 hours ago
Priscilla Presley's 'horrendous' 70s-Image1

Priscilla Presley's 'horrendous' 70s

Priscilla Presley admits it is "horrendous" being 70 but "appreciates" reaching the age despite not...

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