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Pan Am Games | Jul 03, 2015

Pan Am Games gives us time to practise our people-first language

To the editor: With the Pan Am and Parapan Am games coming to Southern Ontario it is a great opportunity for us all to...

Letters | Jun 24, 2015

What's holding up the Upper Red Hill Valley Parkway?

Well, spring has passed and summer is here. Where is the construction? The Upper Red Hill Valley Parkway extension was...

Stoney Creek News | by Mike Pearson
Letters | Jun 23, 2015

LETTER: Games do play a role in helping poor, homeless

Re: Games don’t help the poor (Letters, June 11) The letter writer has a point that the Pan Am Games will not directly...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
Letters | Jun 23, 2015

Mountain residents are used to being snubbed

Dear editor: Why is this even being treated as news? The residents of the Mountain - despite now being the majority of the...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
Letters | Jun 09, 2015

Games don’t help the poor

Dear editor: The only Pan-Am “snub” that should concern Hamiltonians is not whether the torch will stop somewhere on the...

Hamilton Mountain News
Letters | Jun 09, 2015

Raise stamp prices if home delivery too costly

Re: Super mailboxes Regarding the upcoming change in mail delivery in our area, I find it very inconsiderate to us “older”...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
Jun 09, 2015

LETTER: Match wards to federal boundaries for savings

Now that the City of Hamilton will have the option of ranked ballots for the next municipal election in 2018, we should...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gord Bowes
Jun 04, 2015

LETTER: Parents should pay for their disobedient kids

re: Public board spends $2M to taxi students (May 21) If students are disobedient and must be taxied to school, why not...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment
Jun 04, 2015

Why the silent treatment for Committee to Free Flamborough?

It is interesting and disappointing to learn from the article by Kevin Werner on the boundary review and review of...

Flamborough Review | Add Comment
May 28, 2015

LETTER: Historic Auchmar needs to stay in public’s hands

Re: “ On the block ” (May 21) It came as a shock when we learned the city will listen to private offers on the potential...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment
May 28, 2015

LETTER: Keep up the fight for home mail delivery

The fight is heating up, and not just locally. People are tired of seeing their social rights being taken away by a...

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment
May 13, 2015

LETTER: City strike will have limited effect on the Mountain

So the downtown unionized garbage collectors and thousands of other unionized staff are threatening to go on strike, and city...

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment | by Mark-Alan Whittle
Apr 29, 2015

Don’t waste tax money on super mailbox fight

Growing up, my family always had to retrieve our mail down the street and to my knowledge new surveys have had community, or...

Hamilton Mountain News | 3 Comments
Apr 29, 2015

Council right to fight Canada Post

Thank you for taking Canada post to court. Canada Post says that it consulted with residents about the new mailboxes. They...

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment
Apr 22, 2015

LETTER: Dundas Parkside study boggles the mind

Dundas residents should hang their heads in shame. We allowed a bunch of amateur lay “educators” known as the...

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by Jim McDonald
Apr 22, 2015

LETTER: Nature-scaping this spring can benefit all

This is the ideal time to issue an invitation to all Hamiltonians to support local biodiversity by welcoming native plants...

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by Angelique Mori

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