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Water bottles
Feb 15, 2017 | Add Comment | Ancaster News

LETTER: Ancaster Meadow Grade 3 class share their opinion on water bottles

We want a healthy environment for our city, our province, our country, and the whole world. We hope...

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Letters | Feb 16, 2017

LETTER: Let’s get back to being healthy

Since we don’t have the bodies to be carnivores, let’s take the only path left. Let’s be herbivores and leave the animals...

Dundas Star News
Letters | Feb 15, 2017

LETTER: Stop at stop signs, ticket speeders

I’m not sure where Mr. Reid lives, but I can tell you that in my neighbourhood, stop signs are generally used as yield signs...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
Letters | Feb 14, 2017

LETTER: 400-unit seniors’ facility in Ancaster impacts more than immediate neighbourhood

The city felt the only people who needed to be informed were residents living within 125 meters of the proposed project. Yet...

Ancaster News
Letters | Feb 14, 2017

LETTER: Thanks to the woman who found, returned my ID

Thank you to the lady who found my school badge in a plaza parking lot in Ancaster Feb. 6 and drove all the way to Hillfield...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Margarita De Antuñano
Letters | Feb 13, 2017

Three-storey seniors’ facility in a residential neighbourhood not respectful of the community

Re: 400-unit seniors’ facility proposed, Feb. 9. Besides the positive benefits of such a facility for the aging population...

Ancaster News
Letters | Feb 10, 2017

LETTER: Abolishing the monarchy ignores a few small points

As the Constitution states, only the Crown can call an election, appoint the prime minister, sign bills into laws, give...

Dundas Star News
Feb 09, 2017

LETTER: Do we really aspire to move in the direction of a low-tax laissez-faire Eden?

Taxes are far too high, hydro rates are exorbitant and teachers are paid too much for the little time they put in. But there...

Ancaster News | 1 Comment
Feb 09, 2017

LETTER: Angle parking safer in the Dundas Driving Park

Angle parking would make it safer when cars are backing out, safer for the driver and safer for all the “walkers” using this...

Dundas Star News | 1 Comment
Feb 02, 2017

Letter: LRT in Hamilton is nothing new

Light rail transit: new name, new system, right? Wrong.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Archie Rodgers
Feb 02, 2017

LETTER: Anti-LRT arguments easily debunked

I have stopped keeping up with the LRT debate after becoming exhausted with the constant discourse. One side of Hamilton...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Rob Hardy
Feb 02, 2017

LETTER: Forecasting LRT traffic chaos over the Red Hill

I have attended several light rail transit meetings, in addition to the Jan. 26 meeting at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Leon Sauers
Feb 01, 2017

LETTER: Skelly right to question budget rather than rubber stamp

Re: Council searches for ways to cut taxes (Jan. 26)

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment | by Don Phillips
Feb 01, 2017

LETTER: A little courtesy could solve street parking problems

Re: Neighbour’s car not part of my landscaping plan (Letters, Jan. 26)

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Karen Gardiner
Feb 01, 2017

LETTER: Tom Jackson and his stop signs are welcome in my Berrisfield neighbourhood

Re: Enough already. Stop with the stop signs! (Letters, Jan. 26)

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Bill Cockburn
Feb 01, 2017

LETTER: Hamilton has to curb street parking abuse

Street parking is abused on the Mountain. Most cities and towns allow two to three hours of street parking; Hamilton...

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment | by Nick Morra
Feb 01, 2017

LETTER: Stop signs slow traffic, save lives

Re: Enough already. Stop with the stop signs! (Letters, Jan. 26)

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by John Reid

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