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Letters | Oct 26, 2016
Canada Flag

Where do we draw the line on gender neutrality?

The fight to establish a gender neutral society is not a new testimony in progressive countries around the world. However,...

Stoney Creek News | by Nikolina Kapor
Letters | Sep 02, 2016

LETTER: A cautionary tale about dangers of colon cancer

Sometimes in hindsight, especially when faced with severe adversity, one may wonder what they did wrong, or what they would...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Mark-Alan Whittle
Letters | Aug 03, 2016

Innovative urban planning often faces opposition

When many years ago the first city administration proposed to close the main street to transform it into a pedestrian mall,...

Stoney Creek News | by Bruno Moos
Letters | Jul 27, 2016

LETTER: Don’t let the inmates ruin it

Re: Beware of the ‘Manchurian’ voters (Gord Bowes, July 21) After reading this column, I have to agree the inmates have taken...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Mark-Alan Whittle
Letters | Jul 27, 2016

LETTER: We aren't ‘anti-LRT,’ we are ‘No LRT just yet’

Over the past few months I have decided to get myself in to the LRT debate. Being a resident and tax payer, I believe I have...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Sarah Warry-Poljanski
Life | Jul 19, 2016
Separated from mom

Please help return Hamilton Princess Point fawn to its Dundas mother

On Friday, July 8, The Hamilton Spectator printed a photo of a fawn in the classified section’s Eye on Area feature. The...

Dundas Star News | by Gwyn Steinnagel
Jun 09, 2016

When will Hamiltonians' views on climate plan be heard?

The Trudeau government wants to hear from Canadians on what the climate action plan it has committed to produce. It has asked...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment
May 31, 2016

All things must pass, but respect for landmarks in important

On May 23 I sent out a tweet. You may have heard about it. It went viral in some parts of Elbonia. I know there are more...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Anton Volcansek
May 31, 2016

Action needed to combat speeding on Lake Avenue Drive in Stoney Creek

Lake Avenue Drive is a 40 km/h street due to its proximity to three schools.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by John Vesprini
May 31, 2016

With $1 billion already secured, how can Hamilton turn its back on LRT now?

It’s been one thing to suffer through years of naysayers shooting down the idea of LRT in Hamilton. However, the idea of a...

Stoney Creek News | 3 Comments | by Robert Hardy
May 25, 2016

We mourn the loss of Red Hill Valley hydro corridor

It’s with a heavy heart than we announce the passing of the Red Hill Valley hydro corridor in May of 2016.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Robert Cameron
May 25, 2016

We need open discussion of electoral reform

Re: Undemocratic,democratic reform, May 19. The editorial on the electoral reform is much welcomed. An open and frank...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Nicholas Christoforou
May 25, 2016

Hamilton councillors repeatedly supported LRT

Your editorial contains a number of unqualified and misleading statements regarding LRT, a project that has been in full...

Stoney Creek News | 4 Comments | by Matt Jelly
May 11, 2016

Celebrate South Asian Heritage May 14 at Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School

Our organization has been showcasing the diverse cultures of South Asia by celebrating an annual event for the past 11 years....

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Indu Singh
May 11, 2016

Let’s get ready now for the new LRT route

As we read more and more news about the LRT, a lot of uncertainties are coming to the attention of the general public.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Dez Miklós
Mar 23, 2016

City of Hamilton overpaying for each bus

I read in your paper that the City of Hamilton is budgeting $6.9 million for 11 city buses.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Bob Bouskilla

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