A shipment of fresh vegetables is shown in this 2014 file photo.
Aug 18, 2016 | Add Comment | Stoney Creek News

Hamilton's food strategy finally gets cooking

As this summer’s drought has highlighted our food security is razor thin. Hamilton’s farmers have...

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Editorial | Aug 11, 2016
Canada Post Super Mailboxes

Postal banking is worth a look to help the working poor

In Hamilton’s inner city, residents are desperate for some form of banking. About 15 per cent of Canadians do not have a bank...

Stoney Creek News
Editorial | Aug 04, 2016
Hamilton City Hall

Hamilton's failure to ensure open meeting laws are followed show why real consequences are needed

Hamilton ignored the public’s need to hear and see an important discussion in open session and arrogantly chose to go behind...

Ancaster News
Editorial | Jul 28, 2016
Hamilton light-rail transit concept

Debating Hamilton's future

Even the basic reason for building this high-order transit system remains questionable. Supporters argue it will provide an...

Dundas Star News
Editorial | Jul 21, 2016
Hamilton City Hall

Hamilton's apathy towards public consultations breeds false 'consensus'

The 18 public meetings held by a consultant to talk about proposed changes to the city’s ward boundary system attracted a...

Ancaster News
Editorial | Jul 15, 2016
Downtown Hamilton

All of Hamilton needs economic development help

It seems the economic strategy to revitalize the core has trumped all other strategies to expand, innovate and assist...

Dundas Star News
Editorial | Jul 07, 2016
Hamilton's wards

Ward boundary changes needed for Hamilton

Sixteen years later, those 15 ward boundaries are establishing an unequal and undemocratic governance system. The Mountain...

Dundas Star News
Jun 30, 2016

Trump and British vote to leave the EU act as a warning that history may be repeating itself

It’s a political, cultural and economic landscape familiar to 2016, but in fact it occurred in 1893 during the great economic...

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Jun 22, 2016

EDITORIAL: Striking at shibboleths

If a Hamilton resident has a problem or an issue involving the city, the homeowner calls up City Hall or goes to their local...

Hamilton Mountain News | 5 Comments
Jun 15, 2016

EDITORIAL: New image, same story with Ontario cabinet shuffle

You’re bogged down in the polls, bereft of new ideas and struggling to gain any type of political traction as the 2018...

Hamilton Mountain News | 1 Comment
Jun 09, 2016

Hamilton residents should be calling for 311 service

Hamilton, though, as city staff and politicians have been repeating to themselves, is an innovative city that seeks to find...

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Jun 03, 2016

Separate leagues for public and Catholic boards miss the point of school sports

While the philosophy would seem to be universal for all athletic endeavors, it remains striking the Catholic sports teams can...

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May 26, 2016

The Greenbelt allows for smart growth

Established in 2005, those lands have protected important natural areas and prevented the constant spread of urban sprawl...

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May 20, 2016

Hamilton city council needs to stop, look at the facts and listen to the public in order to have a real LRT debate

Supporters of the LRT may believe the LRT debate has already taken place, most notably during the 2014 municipal election,...

Hamilton Mountain News | 15 Comments
May 13, 2016

Filling the hole in the centre of Hamilton

It’s taken nearly 15 years since amalgamation to actually see what had been the hole in Hamilton’s urban downtown start to...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment
May 05, 2016

How long will it be before we're all equal before the law?

Hamiltonians and their leaders have always congratulated themselves on being a community that welcomes diversity. Yet that...

Ancaster News | 2 Comments
Apr 28, 2016

Will light rail transit turn Hamilton into ‘Utopia’?

It’s apparent that while the LRT remains the cornerstone of Hamilton’s political and business elite’s idea of how the city...

Stoney Creek News | 2 Comments

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