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Opinion | Feb 24, 2017

Fear and loathing: The perils of populism

In Canada and the United States the fear of the other, a sense of isolation, and the ability to distort reality remain...

Stoney Creek News
Editorial | Feb 06, 2017
Hamilton's wards

Democratic deficit deferred

But as the city-hired consultant, Watson and Associates, who were hired to review the ward boundary, bluntly explained to...

Stoney Creek News
Opinion | Feb 02, 2017
Hamilton's 10-year transit strategy

Rubber, meet road

The corollary to the transit issue is the goal by urban councillors to eliminate area rating for transit in the next council...

Stoney Creek News
Opinion | Jan 20, 2017
Protesters at NPCA board meeting

Time for Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to come clean

​The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, stuck between a rock and a hard place, reluctantly decided to finally give...

Stoney Creek News
Editorial | Jan 17, 2017
Hamilton LRT open house

Secretive Metrolinx realigns LRT's future

LRT dreamers have always trumpeted a system that would provide enhanced economic development and the image of a progressive...

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Editorial | Jan 12, 2017
Hamilton studys firearm discharge bylaw areas

On target for Hamilton's firearms bylaw

City officials have stated the reason behind the review is to make sure people using guns are doing so in the proper place....

Stoney Creek News
Jan 05, 2017

Should the sale of water in plastic bottles be banned?

There needs to be an investment in installing, or in some cases, reinstalling water fountains and reusable bottle filling...

Dundas Star News | 3 Comments
Dec 27, 2016

Making Hamilton less surreal and more real in 2017

“Surreal” seems the appropriate description for the events that 2016 produced.

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Dec 21, 2016

Neighbouring municipalities dig into Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

It’s blatantly obvious the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has a credibility problem with the area’s municipalities.

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Dec 16, 2016

Hamilton city council wants to keep taxes low while funding huge projects

Councillors continue to believe they can lower taxes while at the same time keep spending on programs. For the last five...

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Dec 08, 2016

Is bigger better when it comes to Hamilton's hydro service provider?

Officials are marketing the merger as a cost-saving measure. Local distributors repeatedly say they are not the ones to blame...

Stoney Creek News | 1 Comment
Dec 01, 2016

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has suspended the right to know on suspensions

While it isn’t clear why board bureaucrats once again failed to comply with the lawful and reasonable instructions of those...

Dundas Star News | 1 Comment
Nov 24, 2016

Hamilton’s history of low taxes will mean new cash or cuts are critical to the budget

After all those low tax increases and using the reserve fund as their own “free money” Hamilton councillors are facing...

Hamilton Mountain News | 3 Comments
Nov 18, 2016

The Ontario Liberals will be left in the dustbin of history if they don't start listening to voters on hydro and other issues

In Niagara West-Glanbrook, it is not hard to hear the angry voices of residents who are having a difficult time paying for...

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Nov 11, 2016

Ontario's police oversight system has a duty to serve, protect and inform

The only reason the public knows that a Police Services Act hearing will be held in December is because of the Ward 3...

Dundas Star News | 1 Comment
Nov 03, 2016

The time for inaction on Hamilton's ward boundaries is over

An independent report, produced at a cost of about $270,000, laid plain the stark facts: Hamilton’s current ward system is...

Hamilton Mountain News | 4 Comments

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