Mountain News general excellence
The Mountain News was names a finalist in the category that judges the best overall newspaper with a circulation of over 45,000 in the 2016 Ontario...
Feb 14, 2017 | Add Comment | Hamilton Mountain News

Hamilton Community News' papers are finalists for four provincial newspaper awards

Gordon Cameron

For most of the world, Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day. However, for those in Ontario’s community...

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Theatre | Feb 14, 2017

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Putting the ‘community’ in theatre

The city’s oldest community musical theatre company, Hamilton Theatre Inc., is celebrating 60 years of ‘Memories’ with an...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Feb 08, 2017

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Nominate a Hamiltonian for World Citizenship Award

If you stand or drive in front of Hamilton’s city hall, you might notice that we fly a United Nations flag on the front of...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Jeff Bonner
Columns | Feb 07, 2017
Maria Pearson

Coldest Night of the Year reminds us of the plight of those on the streets

We continue to see unseasonable weather fluctuations which I do not mind at all!

Stoney Creek News | by Maria Pearson
Columns | Feb 06, 2017
Gordon Cameron

My flip phone may be uncool, but I do love it

I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally dropped it, flung it, crushed it, left it in a freezing or sweltering car...

Stoney Creek News | by Gordon Cameron
Columns | Feb 03, 2017
MPP Ted McMeekin

TED MCMEEKIN COLUMN: Forward together on health care

As a past president of the Hamilton-Wentworth Lung Association, the issue of lung health has always been very important to...

Ancaster News | by Ted McMeekin
Money Matters | Feb 03, 2017
What does retirement actually look like?

WEALTH MATTERS: What is your money for? Setting a vision for retirement savings

We use the term "retirement" frequently but don’t often consider what it means to each of us. What does retirement actually...

Metroland Media | by Kate Smalley
Feb 01, 2017

Survey says ... No one’s quite sure

For those who support the status quo, it proves what we’ve been saying all along — there’s no public appetite for change. For...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gordon Cameron
Feb 01, 2017

FILOMENA TASSI COLUMN: Canadians and Hamiltonians united in diversity

After the terrible shooting at a mosque near Quebec City – driven by intolerance – I was led to think about what it is that...

Ancaster News | Add Comment | by FILOMENA TASSI
Feb 01, 2017

MOUNTAIN MEMORIES: Hill Park high school set Hamilton precedent

The building of the Mountain’s first high school, Hill Park Secondary School, began as an educational experiment in 1953. Two...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Robert Williamson
Feb 01, 2017

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: There are ways to keep SAD at bay during winter

It's that time of year again. The snow is falling, the house smells like cinnamon and hot cocoa, we are gathering with our...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Sarah Warry-Poljanski
Jan 27, 2017

If you ever meet me in an elevator...

Things started to change for me when a few people in my building started striking up conversations with me on our vertical...

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by Gordon Cameron
Jan 27, 2017

WEALTH MATTERS: What you need to know about spousal RRSPs

of a spousal RRSP as an investment account for your spouse’s retirement. You’ll contribute the money and receive the tax...

Metroland Media | Add Comment | by Randy Cass
Jan 25, 2017

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Start a new hobby — it’s good for you!

Hobbies are simply anything you do that’s fun. You aren’t getting paid to do it, it’s something you do to decompress and...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Joe Scozzari
Jan 24, 2017

The Winona Park outdoor rink is ready, pending a deep freeze

Community meeting offers a chance to meet police and fire chief.

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Brenda Johnson
Jan 23, 2017

Dundas councillor Arlene Vanderbeek talks local issues

Dundas councillor Vanderbeek discusses budget, District Lofts, arts awards and more

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by Arlene Vanderbeek
Jan 20, 2017

WEALTH MATTERS: Your RRSP questions answered

It’s not a traditionally exciting topic, but it’s an important one. A little planning now will pay off big time later, writes...

Metroland Media | 6 Comments | by Randy Cass

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