Barry Coe
Nov 23, 2015 | Add Comment | Ancaster News

Young voices stir deep emotions on Remembrance Day

Barry Coe

My mind drifted back to my first recollection of Remembrance Day. I was five years old and with my...

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GROWING GREEN: Fasciation in the garden

If you’re lucky, your garden will continue to surprise you and encourage you to learn new things. In my case, it was some...

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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Renovated Children’s Museum reopens doors

A popular Hamilton attraction is ready to reopen its doors to the city. We’re thrilled to share that the Hamilton Children’s...

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Beware of vacation rental property fraud: Roseman

HomeAway, a site that links homeowners with renters, leaves client on his own after he falls for online fraud

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Some tips to help find the right financial adviser: Mayers

Everyone wants good advice. But where do you find it? Here are some tips

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GROWING GREEN: Forcing spring bulbs to winter bloom

It’s fall, but I’d like you to think spring in the winter. If you start now you can have a little bit of that springtime...

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Former CEO puts out money books for kids: Roseman

A search for a gift for her niece turned into a new business for Teresa Cascioli, who helped turn around Lakeport Brewing

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Nov 16, 2015

A nasty November and slow growth ahead: Mayers

The financial impact of the events in Paris may be muted, but even so the economic outlook is weaker with a lower dollar in...

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Nov 12, 2015

Looking for Ontario Junior Citizens past and future

For the last 35 years the program has recognized the best of our province’s youth between the ages of six and 17 — young...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gordon Cameron
Nov 11, 2015

CPP expansion may not be quick, and it may not be what you expect: Mayers

Changes would give biggest boost to those between 25 and 45

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Adam Mayers
Nov 11, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Use your head when driving in the fog

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a fog. My thoughts don’t always come across in a clear manner. Recently I was in a fog, but this...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Scott Marshall
Nov 05, 2015

Road tolls can’t work until alternatives in place

The crux of the argument is this: congestion is a problem that wastes millions of hours a year. To solve congestion, you need...

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Nov 04, 2015

True or false? It’s rude to ask how your advisor is paid: Mayers

A study of investor behavior finds that nearly 3 in 4 people who use an advisor don’t know how much they paid them last year

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Adam Mayers
Nov 03, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: It’s not offensive to say ‘Merry Christmas’

November is the starting pistol for all things Christmassy — except “Merry Christmas.” In its place, storefront signs will...

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Nov 02, 2015

One young driver’s $6,000 car insurance shock: Mayers

Cameron Sottile is 19, with a clean driving record. He’s paying a penalty for being a young, male driver in Canada’s priciest...

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Oct 31, 2015

THE SKY THIS MONTH: November’s dawn dance of planets and Leonid meteor shower

October’s grouping of Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the eastern dawn sky continues in early November. Mars and Venus meet on...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Mario Carr
Oct 28, 2015

How a 30-minute chat with Trudeau broke Ontario’s pension logjam: Mayers

Justin Trudeau has removed a big obstacle to the progress of Ontario’s pension plan, namely how to the collect the money

OurWindsor.Ca | 1 Comment | by Adam Mayers

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