Gordon Cameron
Jul 23, 2015 | Add Comment | Hamilton Mountain News

Symbolic victories are only a start

Gordon Cameron

Symbols, both positive and negative, can be powerful. They give us something to rally around or...

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Columns | Jul 22, 2015
Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson

LLOYD FERGUSON COLUMN: Meadowlands leash-free park to honour Cpl. Cirillo

After meeting with the Cirillo family and his unit – the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders – members of the facility naming...

Ancaster News
Columns | Jul 21, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hot real estate market offers mixed blessings

If you’ve been paying attention to headlines recently, you know that the Hamilton real estate market has been pretty hot. The...

Hamilton Mountain News
Home and Garden | Jul 21, 2015

GROWING GREEN: Try organic pest controls

Chunks torn from your hosta leaves? Kale with more holes than Swiss cheese? Before bringing out the toxic sprays, try...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Jul 16, 2015
Gordon Cameron

Hamilton's at-risk youth bravely share their stories through film

There was no typical story, no common thread beyond the fact that somewhere their lives took a turn and that they are now...

Dundas Star News | by Gordon Cameron
Sports at the Games | Jul 16, 2015

Stoney Creek's Kevin Lytwyn: ‘This is definitely the biggest medal I’ve got’

24-year-old gymnast native wins silver on the horizontal bar

Hamilton Spectator | by Scott Radley
Columns | Jul 14, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Exciting changes taking place at the HWDSB

We have reached the end of another successful school year. Thanks to students, parents and staff for another great year in...

Hamilton Mountain News
Jul 13, 2015

Burlington paddler challenges competition to Rio Olympic rematch

‘He beat me on my water and now I’m going to try and beat him on his.’ — Mark Oldershaw

Hamilton Spectator | Add Comment | by Steve Milton
Jul 10, 2015

MILTON: Oldershaw takes the Maple Leaf to heart

They say it's impossible to feel more Canadian than when you're outside of the country, representing it.

Hamilton Spectator | Add Comment | by Steve Milton
Jul 09, 2015

Getting to consensus is an almost impossible task, but the process is worth the effort

Hamilton is a large and diverse city. We have farmers and urbanites. We have minimum-wage workers and billionaires. We have...

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by Gordon Cameron
Jul 09, 2015

Pan Am Games are here

As we finally gear into summer and the Pan Am Games, I want to encourage everyone to take an opportunity to enjoy the games...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Maria Pearson
Jul 07, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The Mountain is a living museum of natural history

We call it the “Mountain,” but we really know better, don’t we? But, hey, just because our Mountain may not measure up to a...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gord Bowes
Jul 07, 2015

GROWING GREEN: Introducing near-black blooms into the garden

You’re probably thinking this must be about those dead plants sitting in pots that you still haven’t planted. Or perhaps it’s...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gord Bowes
Jul 07, 2015

MP DAVID SWEET COLUMN: Our patriotism on our sleeves

Last week we celebrateed the 148th birthday of our great nation Canada — the true north strong and free. Canada Day...

Dundas Star News | Add Comment | by David Sweet
Jul 03, 2015

When making good on a customer service gaffe makes it all better

The hygienist comes in and makes some small talk as she puts on her blue rubber gloves and gets me ready. Surprisingly, one...

Stoney Creek News | Add Comment | by Gordon Cameron
Jun 30, 2015

THE SKY THIS MONTH: Searching for dwarf planet Pluto

2015 will be remembered as the year of Pluto because on July 14 at 7:49 a.m., New Horizons will be the first space probe to...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Mario Carr
Jun 27, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: A privilege to hold Canada Day barbecue

Not so long ago, we defined ourselves as Canadians by how we differed from Americans. For example, it was accepted as a...

Hamilton Mountain News | Add Comment | by Gord Bowes

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