Kia Nurse
Late in the game, Canadian Kia Nurse celebrates a point. Canada beat the United States 81-73 in the women's gold medal game in basketball at the Pan...
Jul 30, 2015 | Add Comment | Dundas Star News

Kia Nurse does Hamilton proud

Gordon Cameron

Nurse is just 19, but she has the poise of a veteran. Coming from a sports family — father Richard...

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Columns | Jul 31, 2015

THE SKY THIS MONTH: Perfect conditions for Perseid Meteor Shower

This year, the Perseid Meteor Shower will peak 2 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13, under a moonless sky. The absence of any glare...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Mario Carr
City Hall | Jul 28, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hamilton's high taxes, low service levels

Municipal politics has had a weird feeling to it for a while. Something just doesn’t feel right. We know we are overtaxed....

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Columns | Jul 23, 2015
Gordon Cameron

Symbolic victories are only a start

Symbols, both positive and negative, can be powerful. They give us something to rally around or something to rally against....

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Editorial | Jul 23, 2015
Downtown Hamilton

The death knell of Hamilton's de-amalgamation dreams

No surprise, there remain growing pains as this older municipality adapts to a swiftly changing economic and cultural...

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Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson

LLOYD FERGUSON COLUMN: Meadowlands leash-free park to honour Cpl. Cirillo

After meeting with the Cirillo family and his unit – the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders – members of the facility naming...

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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hot real estate market offers mixed blessings

If you’ve been paying attention to headlines recently, you know that the Hamilton real estate market has been pretty hot. The...

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Letters | Jul 21, 2015

Can’t set your watch to super mailbox delivery

Dear editor: I went to check on my mail Monday at 2 p.m. I used to get my mail delivered between noon and 1 p.m.

Hamilton Mountain News
Home and Garden | Jul 21, 2015

GROWING GREEN: Try organic pest controls

Chunks torn from your hosta leaves? Kale with more holes than Swiss cheese? Before bringing out the toxic sprays, try...

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