Hydro corridor
Hydro corridor south of Rymal Road, July 2016.
Dec 08, 2016 | Add Comment | Stoney Creek News

Is bigger better when it comes to Hamilton's hydro service provider?

Officials are marketing the merger as a cost-saving measure. Local distributors repeatedly say they...

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Columns | Dec 08, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Trust in the media must be born from fairness

As I wrote last week, the media has done a lot to bring a crisis of trust upon ourselves. When we publish stories that turn...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Dec 01, 2016
Education Centre

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has suspended the right to know on suspensions

While it isn’t clear why board bureaucrats once again failed to comply with the lawful and reasonable instructions of those...

Dundas Star News
Columns | Dec 01, 2016
Gordon Cameron

All the news that’s fit to fake

Much of the blame for this state of affairs falls on shoulders of the media ourselves. Every time we publish a sensational...

Ancaster News | by Gordon Cameron
Columns | Nov 24, 2016
Gordon Cameron

The lesson of mayor Rob Ford that the Democrats should have understood

Perhaps you can forgive the political grandees of Toronto for not seeing it coming. It was so far out of their experience...

Stoney Creek News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Nov 24, 2016
City of Hamilton

Hamilton’s history of low taxes will mean new cash or cuts are critical to the budget

After all those low tax increases and using the reserve fund as their own “free money” Hamilton councillors are facing...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Nov 29, 2016

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Healing the family with Dad’s Bucket List Trip

It has become quite fascinating to see the reactions of those who ask me how long it’s been since my husband, father of my...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Alexandra Brown
Photo Gallery | Jun 12, 2015
Hamilton's street signs

From the pen of Mike Vukovich

A humorous look at life and politics in Hamilton by award-winning cartoonist Mike Vukovich.

| by By Mike Vukovich
Editorial | Nov 18, 2016
Premier Kathleen Wynne

The Ontario Liberals will be left in the dustbin of history if they don't start listening to voters on hydro and other issues

In Niagara West-Glanbrook, it is not hard to hear the angry voices of residents who are having a difficult time paying for...

Hamilton Mountain News
Oct 26, 2016

Where do we draw the line on gender neutrality?

The fight to establish a gender neutral society is not a new testimony in progressive countries around the world. However, Canada has recently experienced an outbreak of heated debates over the repeated attempt to alter the national anthem in hopes...


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