Gordon Cameron
Feb 04, 2016 | Add Comment | Hamilton Mountain News

It’s true, newspapers aren’t going away

Gordon Cameron

As optimistic as I am about the future of newspapers, I am not naive about the state of the...

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Editorial | Feb 04, 2016
HSR bus

Taken for a ride by the false hopes for a bus service for all of Hamilton

Most of the poor reception to the announcement was because LRT, as has been acknowledged many times by Hamilton’s decision...

Ancaster News
Editorial | Jan 28, 2016
Hamilton Police Chief Glenn DeCaire

Finding the right police chief for Hamilton won't be easy

Hiring a police chief isn’t just about mollifying police officers. A police chief is expected to provide leadership to the...

Ancaster News
Columns | Jan 28, 2016
Craig Campbell

Willing to serve on the jury, but will reporter be picked?

I’ve covered court as a reporter for more than 20 years — several murders, assaults, fraud, impaired driving — but had never...

Dundas Star News | by Craig Campbell
Columns | Feb 03, 2016
Arlene VanderBeek

ARLENE VANDERBEEK COLUMN: Keeping our tax burden bearable

Life is busy these days for everyone at City Hall. Budget meetings fill my calendar and I spend a lot of time sequestered in...

Dundas Star News
Columns | Jan 28, 2016
Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson

LLOYD FERGUSON COLUMN: From budgets to new chief, lots on municipal agenda for 2016

Welcome to 2016 and what promises to be a busy year in Ancaster and indeed the City of Hamilton. With limited space in...

Ancaster News | by Lloyd Ferguson
Editorial | Jan 21, 2016
Hamilton City Hall

Provincial pre-budget consultation takes place while Hamilton city council turns down Trustee Program funding request for lack of money

Over the last few years, the Ontario Liberals have been slicing social programs for the homelessness under the camouflage of...

Dundas Star News
Columns | Jan 21, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Far away events can be local news too

When I first heard about the recent terrorist attack in Burkina Faso it caught my attention in a way that a similar incident...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gordon Cameron
Columns | Jan 14, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Sometimes the old ways are still best when it comes to getting your voice heard

Perhaps the biggest double-edged sword has come in the form of your ability to publicly comment on what we write. Back in the...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gordon Cameron

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