Gord Bowes
May 28, 2015 | Add Comment | Hamilton Mountain News

Bad customer service? Vote with your feet

Gord Bowes

In this day and age, I don’t understand how a business owner can take any customer for granted. Yes,...

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Editorial | May 28, 2015
Mayor Fred Eisenberger

Hamilton council fast and furious over cars and guns

Ask any councillor, or traffic official about the biggest fear residents in upper Stoney Creek, or Ancaster face and they...

Stoney Creek News
Columns | May 28, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Here’s the best transit system for Hamilton

The older I get, the closer I gravitate toward public transit and less to a car.

Hamilton Mountain News | by Lucio Palazzo
Letters | May 28, 2015

LETTER: Historic Auchmar needs to stay in public’s hands

Re: “ On the block ” (May 21) It came as a shock when we learned the city will listen to private offers on the potential...

Hamilton Mountain News
Letters | May 28, 2015

LETTER: Keep up the fight for home mail delivery

The fight is heating up, and not just locally. People are tired of seeing their social rights being taken away by a...

Hamilton Mountain News
Editorial | May 27, 2015
Hamilton City Hall

New money for arts and community groups leads to feeding frenzy for councillors

It should come as no surprise to taxpayers that when you put a large amount of money in front of politicians, a feeding...

Stoney Creek News
Columns | May 26, 2015
Gordon Cameron

Hamilton Police Service's professionalism on display during arrest

Where sensible, sane people would have stayed put, we two journalists sprang from the SUV with almost the same vigour as the...

Stoney Creek News | by Gordon Cameron
Columns | May 14, 2015
Gordon Cameron

Alberta NDP win is in keeping with the province's past

Back when I lived in Alberta in the early 2000s finding someone who would even consider voting New Democrat was like finding...

Dundas Star News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | May 14, 2015

The battle between teachers and Queen's Park that never ends

So why are public school teachers continuing to fight a cause they lost years ago?

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Should the city focus more on guns or traffic safety?

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