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New money for arts and community groups leads to feeding frenzy for councillors

It should come as no surprise to taxpayers that when you put a large amount of money in front of...

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Gordon Cameron

Hamilton Police Service's professionalism on display during arrest

Where sensible, sane people would have stayed put, we two journalists sprang from the SUV with almost the same vigour as the...

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Alberta NDP win is in keeping with the province's past

Back when I lived in Alberta in the early 2000s finding someone who would even consider voting New Democrat was like finding...

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The battle between teachers and Queen's Park that never ends

So why are public school teachers continuing to fight a cause they lost years ago?

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LETTER: City strike will have limited effect on the Mountain

So the downtown unionized garbage collectors and thousands of other unionized staff are threatening to go on strike, and city...

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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The environment is everyone’s responsibility

The St. Marguerite community has fully embraced the Ontario EcoSchool’s program for the last nine years, attaining six gold...

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Ted McMeekin Column: Liberals make historic investment with 2015 budget

The Ontario government has released the 2015 budget, which makes possible an historic investment in infrastructure to...

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GROWING GREEN: Add some edibles to your pots and urns

Consider adding veggies to your decorative pots to add drama, texture, colour and taste to your outdoor eating area.

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Twenty years on, veterans of the Second World War are fading fast

They were a diverse group. Some were old and hunched or confined to wheelchairs, while others looked almost too young to have...

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