Gordon Cameron
Jan 19, 2017 | Add Comment | Stoney Creek News

Thanks to an unwelcomed shower I now know the sprinklers in my office work

Gordon Cameron

By now a crowd formed who both stared with amazement and helped me shuttle some items out of harm’s...

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Editorial | Jan 17, 2017
Hamilton LRT open house

Secretive Metrolinx realigns LRT's future

LRT dreamers have always trumpeted a system that would provide enhanced economic development and the image of a progressive...

Stoney Creek News
Photo Gallery | Jun 12, 2015
Listening tour

From the pen of Mike Vukovich

A humorous look at life and politics in Hamilton by award-winning cartoonist Mike Vukovich.

| by By Mike Vukovich
Columns | Jan 18, 2017
Pat Daly

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Catholic schools are healthy places, spaces

We are now almost a month into the new year, and after a short but joyful break our students are fully immersed in their...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Pat Daly
Editorial | Jan 12, 2017
Hamilton studys firearm discharge bylaw areas

On target for Hamilton's firearms bylaw

City officials have stated the reason behind the review is to make sure people using guns are doing so in the proper place....

Stoney Creek News
Columns | Jan 12, 2017
Gordon Cameron

I know what you've been reading: The most read stories on hamiltonnews.com in 2016

It should come as no surprise that I spend a fair bit of my time at work (and also at home) looking at Hamilton Community...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Jan 05, 2017
Water bottles

Should the sale of water in plastic bottles be banned?

There needs to be an investment in installing, or in some cases, reinstalling water fountains and reusable bottle filling...

Dundas Star News
Columns | Jan 05, 2017
Gordon Cameron

How you can help us, help get you into our papers

As I’ve said many times before, our job as journalists would be a heck of a lot tougher if it weren’t for our readers who...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gordon Cameron
Columns | Jan 04, 2017
Jon Buttrum

Jon Buttrum was a Hamilton original

Whether it was at the West Town or the now long-gone Hamilton Press Club, having a drink or three with Jon Buttrum was always...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Mark Newman
45 minutes ago

Time for NPCA to come clean

​The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, stuck between a rock and a hard place, reluctantly decided to finally give what the public and area municipalities had been demanding: An independent audit of its operations.

Oct 26, 2016

Where do we draw the line on gender neutrality?

The fight to establish a gender neutral society is not a new testimony in progressive countries around the world. However, Canada has recently experienced an outbreak of heated debates over the repeated attempt to alter the national anthem in hopes...


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