Gordon Cameron
Apr 30, 2015 | Add Comment | Ancaster News

Twenty years on, memories of Teen Tour Band's tour to Holland still joyous

Gordon Cameron

Twenty years ago today, I was in the midst of one of the happiest periods of my life. I was 19, I’d...

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Editorial | Apr 30, 2015
Canada Post super mailbox Elmhurst Drive 3

Hamilton vs. Canada Post and its super mailboxes

Canada Post believes it is free of all municipal constraints under the Canada Post Corporation Act and can do what it likes...

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Pan Am Games | Apr 29, 2015
Team Canada uniforms for Pan Am Games all red, white and black

Team Canada uniforms for Pan Am Games all red, white and black

The Toronto Star's Vinay Menon says our athletes will look like ultrapatriotic hip hop stars ready to keep it real in bright...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Vinay Menon
Columns | Apr 29, 2015

THE SKY THIS MONTH: Astrophotographer Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn shares secrets to great star photos

At the next meeting of the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers, award-winning astrophotographer Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn will reveal...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Mario Carr
Letters | Apr 29, 2015

Don’t waste tax money on super mailbox fight

Growing up, my family always had to retrieve our mail down the street and to my knowledge new surveys have had community, or...

Hamilton Mountain News
Letters | Apr 29, 2015

Council right to fight Canada Post

Thank you for taking Canada post to court. Canada Post says that it consulted with residents about the new mailboxes. They...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Apr 28, 2015

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Dream of helping Ghana schools remains alive

I met Dora Anie at a social event sometime in 2005 after she had just returned from her homeland of Ghana. As I was looking...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Apr 23, 2015
Gordon Cameron

Welcome to Hamilton Community News' new home on the web

Like our old paper design, our old website was serviceable, but unspectacular. It didn’t provide users with the best possible...

Dundas Star News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Apr 23, 2015
Horizon Utilities

Proposed Horizon Utilities merger won't stop electricity price shocks

As Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli was in Hamilton touting the benefits of a proposed merger between Horizon Utilities...

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