Rygiel Supports For Community Living
Donna Marcaccio, executive director of Rygiel Supports For Community Living, stands in front of the old St. Catherine of Siena, which the agency...
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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: New Rygiel site will be a community hub

Donna Marcaccio

In February, Rygiel Supports For Community Living will begin its 50th year of service. In 1967, our...

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Mount Hamilton Horticultural Society

GROWING GREEN: Preserving herbs for the winter

Herbs love the heat. Guess that’s why my garden is flush with chives, sage, parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme. It’s been a...

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Voting day

Is voting reform fairness or fraud?

Arguments are made that changing the system will increase voter turnout or boost the number of women or minorities elected....

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Living in a community means compromise is needed

If built, the LRT will be a better option for the thousands of transit users who commute into downtown each day. However,...

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Red Hill Valley Parkway

Hamilton's parkways aren't death traps

Traffic is at its most dangerous not when it’s too fast or too slow, but when it’s unpredictable. If everyone stuck to the...

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Discussion and debate: my kind of fun

As anticipated, I was the only one at my table outright opposed to changing the system, but rather than being a burden, it...

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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: New year a good time for new morning routine

I always consider the beginning of a new school year an exciting opportunity; a chance for a fresh start.

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Bishop Tonnos Secondary School

School's back for fall, but should it have been out for summer in the first place?

If the educational community, parents and teachers are really interested in improving the education of students, year-round...

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Redefining what a newspaper really is

As an industry we’ve not been able to effectively combat the perception that newspapers are fighting for their lives, in part...

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Should the federal government hold a referendum on voting reform?

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