Artist's conception
This illustration shows an artist’s conception of LRT trains moving along King Street West.
Apr 28, 2016 | Add Comment | Stoney Creek News

Will light rail transit turn Hamilton into ‘Utopia’?

It’s apparent that while the LRT remains the cornerstone of Hamilton’s political and business...

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Editorial | Apr 28, 2016

EDITORIAL: Welcome back, Streetfest

It was missed by business owners, many of whom saw an immediate or gradual bump in sales and traffic in their shops. It was...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Apr 28, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Unintentional plagiarism is all too easy

As journalists, we’re supposed to be truth tellers and if we’re not honest and transparent about our sources it calls into...

Dundas Star News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Apr 20, 2016
Paul Miller

Paul Miller's private member's bill would do a lot of public good

The monthly income for a single person on Ontario Works is $599 a month, while for Ontario Disability Support Program, the...

Hamilton Mountain News
Columns | Apr 20, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Why using the right words really matters

Outside the office I do my best not to become one of the self-appointed grammar police who take every opportunity (often with...

Stoney Creek News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Apr 14, 2016
Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson

When personal agendas clash with the reality of a situation, critics often seek 'the last refuge of a scoundrel'

At the time councillors didn’t condemn what Ferguson said, but days later a few expressed their outrage, piggybacking on the...

Stoney Creek News
Columns | Apr 14, 2016
Gordon Cameron

Let’s finally put voting reform to the test

I’ve argued that in the past that such a system could leave voters stuck with a compromise councillor that no one truly wants...

Stoney Creek News | by Gordon Cameron
Editorial | Apr 07, 2016
Voting day

Unstacking the deck through municipal election reforms

The city’s first-past-the-post system resulted in former broadcast reporter Donna Skelly getting elected to council with...

Ancaster News
Columns | Apr 07, 2016
Barry Coe

Political fiction is imitating political fact

I can recall the days of objective news reports with no commentary, just the facts where the reader or listener was...

Ancaster News | by Barry Coe

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If $1-billion isn’t enough to pay for the LRT, who should be responsible for the extra cash?

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