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Oct 02, 2015 | Add Comment | Stoney Creek News

‘Gorgeous’ plot breathes life into new Stoney Creek park

Richard Leitner

The Hamilton Conservation Authority’s plans for a new park on Stoney Creek’s east mountain are...

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Community | Oct 02, 2015
Accumlated insects

Hamilton District Christian High students collect bugs for Malaise Trap Project

The traps are used to carry out biodiversity inventories for scientific research.

Ancaster News
World | Oct 02, 2015
Missing gut bacteria may lead to asthma: study -Image1

Missing gut bacteria may lead to asthma: study

Low levels of 4 key types of bacteria in baby's gut may lead to asthma: study

Canada | Oct 02, 2015

Zebra mussels increasing in Manitoba

Manitoba conservation says zebra mussels increasing significantly

Money Matters | Oct 02, 2015
Saving for post-secondary education

WEALTH MATTERS: The biggest mistake people make when saving for their kids' education

Sometimes people ask me whether I think parents should pay for their kids' post-secondary education. I've known people on... | by Randy Cass
Community | Oct 01, 2015
Volunteering through Cuso

Dundas’ Ian and Marysia Donnelly lend a hand in Jamaica through Cuso International

Donnellys packing their bags for another Cuso International adventure

Dundas Star News | by Debra Downey
Ontario | Oct 01, 2015

Ontario expands in vitro fertilization plan

Ontario budgets $50 million a year to fund in vitro fertilization treatments

WhatsOn | Oct 01, 2015
Powerful presence

Ryerson church in Ancaster Concert Series features virtuoso guitarist Emma Rush

Guitar virtuoso performs Saturday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.

Ancaster News
Community | Oct 01, 2015
Top prize

Dundas’ Kira Verschoor earns top prizes in Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photo Contest

Twelve-year-old Kira Verschoor’s keen eye has earned her some of the top prizes in the 2015 Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photo...

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