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Photo by Lisa Hunter

Photo by Lisa Hunter

Eva Milner checks the pail for sap at Westfield Heritage Village.

Sap finally flowing at Westfield Village

After much anticipation, the maple trees are finally ready to share some of their sweet sap, and the people at Westfield Heritage Village are more than ready to collect it and turn it into delicious maple syrup.

The village has more than 130 taps in their sugar maple bush, and the recent rising temperatures promise a good flow

At Westfield, visitors can learn about one of Ontario’s sweetest and oldest culinary traditions. Follow the scent of wood smoke and steaming sap to the Early Settlement area, where visitors can see the methods taught to the European settlers by the First Nations people.

At the D’Aubigny Inn, people can find out how early 19th-century pioneers used a series of iron cauldrons to produce large quantities of delicious syrup. A picturesque walk into the sugar bush will lead to the modern sugar shack, where Westfield makes its very own maple syrup.

Those looking for a tasty treat will enjoy visiting the Ironwood Hall, where the St. George Lions Club will be selling a delicious all-day breakfast of hot pancakes, with either ham or sausage. A variety of maple syrup products are available at the Gift Shop. Visitors to the General Store will find baked goods and sweet treats available for purchase. Free horse-drawn wagon rides will be available to take you around the village and sugar bush.

A special feature on March 23 is a demonstration of maple taffy making. The Sweet Taste of Spring Maple Syrup Festival runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays March 23 and 30, 519-621-8851 or

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