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LETTER: Irony of new board HQ not lost during closures

re: School closures, funding
Ironically, the bulk of the news continues to be about education funding or rather the lack thereof, impacts of closures on community, pressures on the city to buy old school property, etc. Then the good news: the construction of a mammoth-sized building for the school board trustees and staff — their headquarters — is “on pace.”
Voters have the opportunity in this municipal election, likely provincially as well, to change this picture.
Local trustees and MPPs are the taxpayers’ choice. Our children’s education starts with adults making the effort to mark an informed X on their election ballots.
As for one secular school system, eliminating ridiculous duplication, well that not only would be a change in picture, that would change the channel – using TV vernacular. That would be OK by me.
June Sheldrake
Hamilton Mountain

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