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GROWING GREEN: Growing sweet potatoes in a pot
Yes, you can grow your own sweet potatoes. Here’s
LETTER: Candidates need to live up to promises
re: ‘People’s mandate’ (Sept. 11)
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Archer takes trustee plunge in Ward 6 for fourth time
At least Kathy Archer won’t be facing her arch rival
Traffic study, stop sign after speed complaints
An all-way stop is coming and speed bumps may be
Lessons learned when tables turned
As a journalist, I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of
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Friday, September, 12, 2014 - 10:10:39 PM
John Iachelli challenges incumbent Lloyd Ferguson for Ancaster council seat "This guy apparently doesn't understand that when the value of your home doubles so do your property taxes. Doesn't really instill confidence."
Comment by blerg
Thursday, September, 11, 2014 - 4:04:40 PM
Grade 6 students ‘just fine on basic math,’ Sandals insists "Minister Sandals' contempt for evidence based research in the classroom is astounding. How stupid does she think taxpayers are that we are to believe IPads in the hands of 9 year olds will help them with their multiplication tables? And equally ins"
Comment by Tara Houle
Wednesday, September, 03, 2014 - 1:01:46 PM
Danko wants to fix ‘severely flawed’ school ARCs "She's right in saying the process is severely flawed. It is. But I do not trust that when push comes to shove, she will do what's best for the ward. I fear she will simply circle her wagons around Queensdale and protect it at all costs. Letting wh"
Comment by Trust Me
Central Mountain developer told to keep down dust, noise
Residents in the Ryckmans neighbourhood were told at a public meeting last week the developer of Dicenzo Gardens Phase 10 has been warned to comply with city rules.
Water main break ‘strengthen case’ to push up work, says councillor Tom Jackson
Reconstruction — possibly including new water mains and sewer lines — of Upper Ottawa from Mohawk to Mountain Brow is tentatively scheduled for 2023.
Photo by Mark Newman
Hamilton high school field hockey season underway
The St. Thomas More Knights have their sights set on another Catholic school league championship and a trip to the provincial finals as another season of high school field hockey hits the pitch this week.
Mohawk College soccer women split
Mountaineers win one, lose one
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Photo by Gord Bowes
Story for daughter 20 years ago expanded, fine tuned and released
East Mountain resident releases Destiny Calls
Photo by Gord Bowes
Yarrr gonna have fun at Hamilton public libraries
Library system marking Talk Like A Pirate Day with irate themed stories, activities and fun photo opportunities
Hamilton’s roads to nowhere
Hamilton is literally falling apart and politicians and city staff are dithering about how to fix it.
LETTER: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10?
Sadly Sept. 10 has come and gone with no mention of the 75th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Second World War.