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Circus Revolution at Zacada

Photo by Kosta Zakharenko

Stoney Creek’s Leah Behie, Alexa Compare, Kayley Pettit and Paige Johnson, clockwise from left, are among 25 performers who will be showcasing their talents in the air and on the ground in Zacada Circus School’s new production Circus Revolution this month.

The show depicts a futurist world under oppressive rule, where people have succumbed to a way of life forced upon them by machines. That is, until, one little girl reveals that everyone has a little bit of “circus” inside of them and that there is still hope and life to be lived. Each circus act uncovers a forgotten spirit coming to life inside those trapped in the futurist society.

Circus Revolution runs April 25 to April 27 and May 3 and May 4 at Zacada. For showtimes and tickets, call 905-643-0013 or visit


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