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LETTER: Super boxes don’t necessarily equal timely delivery of mail

My box has been serviced between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

LETTER: ISIS editorial hit nail on head

When it got out of hand. threatening oil-rich Iraqi Kurdistan, Obama bombed it, without UN approval, using two journalists’ death as a pretext.

LETTER: Passionate people do passionate things

Re: Testy trustee forum (Oct. 16)

LETTER: City of Hamilton needs to live up to motto

Hamilton will never reach our full potential as a great Canadian city until the Barton Street jail is decommissioned and closed forever.

LETTER: Can’t sit back and let ISIS expand at will

Re: Into the Breech (Editorial, Oct. 9)

LETTER: You said you would return my cellphone

I lost my cellphone on Sept. 3 at the Westcliffe Mall on Hamilton Mountain

LETTER: Bratina didn’t fulfil two major promises

Back in 2010, Bob Bratina put out a single flyer that listed what he planned to do during his time in office.

LETTER: We need a day to remember Margaret

re: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10? (Letters, Sept. 18)

LETTER: Education HQ out of place next to commercial district

To us, this location looked out of place for an institution of renown and learning.

LETTER: Candidates need to live up to promises

re: ‘People’s mandate’ (Sept. 11)