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LETTER: Law-abiding citizens shouldn’t fear cameras

Re: Cameras will just move vandals to another area

Who’s next on government hit list?

Thanks for a thoughtful editorial on the Conservative government’s Bill C-51, which you appropriately call “terrifying.”

LETTER: Thanks for Coldest Night help

Re: Walk expected to raise $65,000 for Neighbour to Neighbour

LETTER: Let volunteers create affordable spay and neuter clinics

Re: Purrfect solution to control Hamiltonís cat population, March 5. I have an idea for Hamilton councillors and all of the city wards, for the problem of unwanted cats and kittens (and dogs as well). Rather than trying to implement a licensing program, which I’m sure won’t decrease animal populations, why not figure out a [...]

LETTER: Trustees don’t have cause for self-congratulations

Re: Elementary schools’ names up for review (March 12)

LETTER: Cameras will just move vandals to another area

Re: Security cameras planned for two Mountain parks (March 12)

LETTER: Good old-fashioned service on Concession Street

Guaranteed you’ll find a little gem on Hamilton Mountain

LETTER: Cardboard tobogganers didn’t seem to get hurt

Re: Tobogganing can be dangerous (March 5)

LETTER: Nasty surprises will be revealed in spring

We live in the Newport area in Stoney Creek and many know us for the fact that we own three beautiful golden retrievers. This is now the time of year when it is the most challenging to take our best friends out to do their business, or duty as we like to call it.

LETTER: Area rating for transit makes little sense

Thanks for a balanced explanation of the area-rated tax system being used to finance public transit in Hamilton. It is unfortunate that this lingers on 15 years after our communities were legally combined into one city.