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LETTER: Rymal-Schwenger Park compromise

Re: Battle of historical names (April 14)

LETTER: Pockets of poor bus service

re: Expanded bus service for Mountain (April 3)

LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency

re: Is registration the right answer? (Editorial, April 10)

Stolen rowboat had a good home

My name is Jacob. I’m 10 years old.

Class and conviction is what winning is all about

I have to applaud the combined efforts of Highland/Parkside high school’s senior girls waterpolo team for winning a bronze medal.

Vandalism knows no age limit

During last Sunday’s lovely morning, my wife and I were disheartened to see, in broad daylight, an act of vandalism.

Praise, not scorn, frugality

Reporter Kevin Warner compared councillor Scott Duval’s expense account of almost $11,000 with “stingy” Judi Partridge’s negligible claim of $30.

LETTER: Columnist needs to learn insurance rates not driven up by one driver

re: Don’t hate me because I’m a young, male driver (Community Columnist, April 3)

Rethink education spending

The writer correctly states school closures are occurring because the current Ontario education funding formula has passed its before date. School boards are the victims of that formula, not its advocates.