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LETTER: Candidates need to live up to promises

re: ‘People’s mandate’ (Sept. 11)

LETTER: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10?

Sadly Sept. 10 has come and gone with no mention of the 75th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Second World War.

LETTER: Resilient tree ground down by modern life

A tree grows on Upper Kenilworth. Or it did, until earlier this week.

LETTER: Removing middle school not healthy for children

Re: Hard to sympathize over Cardinal Heights (July 24)

LETTER: Volunteers make Gourley great

One of the great volunteers in our community is Randy Chapple, who has built the Gourley Park baseball league into one of Hamilton’s largest and most successful programs.

LETTER: Don’t waste money on temporary Sherwood fix

Hopefully the new crop of trustees will bring in common sense and fiscal responsibility to the HWDSB.

LETTER: Bike lanes better than bike share

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

LETTER: Bike share system secretive on numbers

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

LETTER: Climate change offers economic opportunities

Re: Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on (Aug. 7)