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LETTER: Sad story of Target workers is all too familiar

The story is always the same. Target store employees, steel workers, bank staff are all dispensable so the wealthy corporate owners can get even richer.

LETTER: Canada Post committed to finding solutions for community mailboxes

We would like to take an opportunity to respond to Councillor Doug Conley’s Jan. 22 column, “Community mailboxes are unfortunate reality.”

LETTER: Parties have to earn votes

Canadians will soon find themselves in the midst of a federal election and many Canadians have subsequently begun considering which party will earn their vote.

I’ll miss you,Target

I can’t believe you are breaking up with me after all we have done to build our relationship this past year.

Why banish beavers at Fifty Point?

As the “Fifty Point neighbour who created an outcry,” I was puzzled by Mike Stone’s contention that beavers pose a potential problem at Fifty Point as opposed to other conservation areas. From my experience there, no culverts were blocked, no roads washed out and no basements flooded.

Mulcair,Trudeau must unite the left

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau must get their heads together.

Hamilton spoiled winter fun when it closed Chedoke ski hill

Hamilton city council killed winter family fun back in 2003 when it decided to close the local ski hill.

Fifty Point beavers decimating trees

Put the beavers to rest.

LETTER: Applaud, don’t chastise Hamilton Mountain councillor Scott Duvall for federal goal

Opportunities like this do not come along every day and, when they do, why not encourage him

LETTER: Respect and trust will make for a better year

Re: A year of hope (Editorial, Jan. 1) As elected officials discount or disregard the voices of those who and those who did not elect them, disrespect flourishes. Those passionate, considerate and intelligent voices, whether voters or not, need to be heard, not just for hearing’s sake, but so that democracy may function. When the [...]