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LETTER: Bike share system secretive on numbers

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

LETTER: Climate change offers economic opportunities

Re: Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on (Aug. 7)

LETTER: Science wouldn’t mislead public on climate change

Re: Weather comes and goes … on and on (Aug. 7)

United Church protesters of MP David Sweet’s Israel trip should have went to Middle East embassies

Sadly, once again ministers of the United Church of Canada showed their anti-Israel bias by protesting MP David Sweet’s recent trip to Israel.

Gord Bowes column: Climate change not limited to Hamilton

I am not an environmental scientist though I will admit up front that I have a natural bias towards science. That said, I was hard-pressed to make sense of Hamilton Mountain News editor Gord Bowes’ column.

LETTER: Retiring school trustees shouldn’t be let off hook

Unless any one of them can present a doctor’s note stating that running for re-election would not be good for their health, every one of these individuals should be made to stay around and run for another term.

LETTER: City should have spent bike cash on the HSR

City hall originally proclaimed the system would be rolled out in spring of this year.

LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families

Families with children do not seem likely to be the most abortion-minded people.

Ancaster’s Spring Valley Arena renovation miscalculation must be record

I was not surprised to learn councillor Lloyd Ferguson was “blown away” when city staff advised him that the renovation to dressing rooms at Spring Valley Arena had jumped from $400,000 to $1.2 million.