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LETTER: Nasty surprises will be revealed in spring

We live in the Newport area in Stoney Creek and many know us for the fact that we own three beautiful golden retrievers. This is now the time of year when it is the most challenging to take our best friends out to do their business, or duty as we like to call it.

LETTER: Area rating for transit makes little sense

Thanks for a balanced explanation of the area-rated tax system being used to finance public transit in Hamilton. It is unfortunate that this lingers on 15 years after our communities were legally combined into one city.

LETTER: Hard to find accessible super mailbox in snow

While driving a school bus around Hamilton, I have yet to see a community mailbox shovelled down to the pavement and at wheelchair width.

LETTER: Principals could meet in school auditoriums

re: Principals prefer Hilton over new HWDSB HQ (Feb. 5)

LETTER: Principal conference shows board’s arrogance

re: Principals prefer Hilton over new HWDSB HQ (Feb. 5)

LETTER: School photo company should not buy drinks

re: Principals prefer Hilton over new HWDSB HQ (Feb. 5)

LETTER: Why do plows dump snow on sidewalk?

With all of the criticism last year over the tardiness of plowing some streets, I was going to write about how pleased my street was with the speed and preciseness with which our street was plowed Monday.

LETTER: Canada’s Action Plan should pay for home delivery

I think that Canada’s Action Plan should include paying Canada Post to continue to deliver mail to homes already getting home delivery. Robin Scott Hamilton Mountain

Hamilton Conservation Authority’s arbitrary deer quota irresponsible

By Doug Tigchelaar, Jerseyville Re: Valley native deer hunt keeps missed target, Oct. 30. A decade ago there was no question the deer population was overabundant in this part of Ontario, particularly on Hamilton Conservation Authority lands due to its no-hunting policy. Ministry of Natural Resources data suggests deer numbers peaked from 2006-07. MNR data also [...]

LETTER: Sad story of Target workers is all too familiar

The story is always the same. Target store employees, steel workers, bank staff are all dispensable so the wealthy corporate owners can get even richer.