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Editorial: A blank slate for relations between the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and Hamilton city hall

If newly elected school board chair Todd White is truly interested in creating a better relationship with the board’s partners, that would be welcome news to the entire city. For too long now the board has been ignoring the needs of the community; and only concerned with its own bureaucratic demands. The board has turned a deaf ear over concerns about closing its schools, accepting minimal input from parents, and completely discounting the interests of the city. The result has created hostility between politicians, and a credibility gap with the community.

Editorial: Violence against women can’t be hidden any longer

If nothing else 2014 will go down as the scales fell from society’s eyes. During the summer the horrific beatings by football players, particular Ray Rice, against their wives and girlfriends that made it to the front pages of newspapers. Then in Canada, the horrendous violent sexual behaviour admitted to by CBC radio personality Jian Ghomeshi provided a wake-up call to a complacent Canadian society willfully blind to the vile attacks against women. The details were graphic, but the violence, degradation, and humiliation was very much real.

Editorial: Openness at Hamilton City Hall? It’s just the same old song

One of the predominate themes Hamilton voters told their prospective politicians during the recent election was to be open and transparent on difficult and important decisions. Over the years the public has made it clear they’re fed up with meetings where politicians seem to be manipulating issues for their own benefit leaving residents out in the cold. So it was with some consternation that it seemed Hamilton politicians turned a deaf ear to those public cries.

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Mike Vukovich’s editorial cartoons

A look at local issues through the pen of Hamilton Community News cartoonist Mike Vukovich.

Editorial: The shrinking pie

Despite all the hopeful remarks during the recent municipal election, Hamiltonians shouldn’t expect too much from their new mayor or council when it comes to being able to pay for the long-sought after capital projects the city desperate needs.The city has some serious financial obstacles in its path to its so-call rejuvenation. Residents have continued to lament the city’s disintegrating sidewalks and roads and its $200-million infrastructure deficit. And council is still looking to the province for its hoped for $810 million to build its light-rail transit system.

Editorial: No easy answers to raise voter turnout

The disgustingly low voter turnout in October’s municipal election has spawned a search for something, anything, that could result in more people taking the time to actually vote. Unfortunately, it will take more than the “half-baked” notions being suggested to get people to care about politics again.

Remembering Hamilton’s Heroes

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo joins a long list of Hamiltonians who died in the service of their country.

Editorial: Hamilton’s voter turnout was a complete debacle

It looks like Hamilton mayor-elect Fred Eisenberger and the rest of the new council have a firm mandate to do pretty much whatever they want for the next four years. That should be the attitude Eisenberger, and the rest of his councillors, including the four new representatives, should take after the majority of Hamiltonians abrogated their right to have a say in the city’s future.

Editorial: Hamilton’s People’s Platform amounts to input by the few

While the People’s Platform initiative was a good attempt at improving civic engagement in Hamilton, the results fell well short.

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Mike Vukovich’s editorial cartoons

A look at local issues through the pen of Hamilton Community News cartoonist Mike Vukovich.