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Editorial: It’s about time to modernize Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

The last time Ontario revamped its sex-ed education curriculum in the 1990s, the Internet was barely a blip on a screen, cell phones were as large as shoe boxes and social media was more science fiction than reality.

Editorial: Do slow ambulance response times put the lives of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough and Glanbrook residents at risk?

Emergency response times have jumped to 11:42 minutes for the entire amalgamated city within a year, but response times are worse for Dundas residents, who have to wait a whopping 12:30 minutes, up from 9:30 minutes a year ago. Glanbrook residents now wait 13 minutes, down from 14:54 minutes, while for Flamborough homeowners anxiously listening for that siren, it’s now 18:35 minutes rather than 18:47 minutes.

Editorial: Was the two-day Hamilton Wentworth District School Board principals’ meeting in Niagara Falls good value for the money?

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board officials that taxpayers have raised a skeptical eye to them holding a two-day professional development conference for their principals at the Niagara Falls Hilton. While the information and networking aspects of the event may prove beneficial to educators, it leaves a lingering bad taste in residents’ mouths as their taxes continue to rise and go towards educators, or for that matter politicians or bureaucrats, to hold conferences to improve their productivity.

Editorial: A Hamilton divided against itself on area rating for transit

Suburban politicians vote on transit even though their constituents have no vested interest in the service, and to pay for transit, riders, predominately downtown residents, pay twice, through fares and property taxes. However, many suburban residents question why they should pay for a service they don’t receive.

Editorial: Canada Post’s maddening choice to end door-to-door delivery

Canada Post has ignored, stonewalled and dismissed public criticisms about the decision to end door-to-door delivery to about 5-million Canadian households, including in Hamilton.

Editorial: Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s bill to Hamilton reveals amalgamation’s costly ghosts

Last week the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority surprised the city with a $1.2-million bill for 2015, compared with the $514,000 the city had budgeted based on the 2014 amount. The authority’s recently hired chief administrative officer, Carmen D’Angelo, has decided that in order to solve the authority’s own budget woes, it must look to the city for some financial relief.

Editorial: Hamilton’s budget nightmare

“We have a crisis,” Hamilton’s general manager of public works, Gerry Davis bluntly told councillors last week. “The roads are failing and getting worse.”

Editorial: We are all Charlie

Satire, jokes and humour have been the bedrock of attacks against dictators, zealots and governments, whether it was Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the French philosopher Voltaire or American comics Lenny Bruce and Chris Rock. At its best, this sort of humour seeks to point out society’s foibles and hypocrisies in a manner that forces the audience to think critically about them. It’s a powerful tool for change and it’s that power that scares those who the satire seeks to undermine. In their fear they often choose to meet humour with violence.

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A look at local issues through the pen of Hamilton Community News cartoonist Mike Vukovich.

EDITORIAL: Growth and infrastructure collide in Hamilton

Hamilton has a revenue problem. It also has a growth problem and an infrastructure problem.