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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Mood Menders marks 30 years

A spate of celebrity suicides has also kept the issue of mental wellness in the public eye.


THE SKY THIS MONTH: Easter weekend lunar eclipse

This year, the Easter Bunny is bringing an astronomical treat.


Column: One year later, the transition from work to retirement continues

I was surprised at how quickly I transitioned from the world of work. My scope of interests changed so rapidly. Family, friends and faith became even more important to me and I appreciated simple every day things to a greater depth. I take great joy in sharing a coffee with a young CEO who remarks when he leaves: “Thank you for sharing your experience. I always come away with one thought I can use when we meet.” What more could one ask for?

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Toronto commute is tough but worth it

It’s something that, from experience, I can tell you not many people ever want to do.


City of Hamilton removing ash trees to ward off emerald ash borer

Many people have called or emailed me in regard to the cutting down of trees in Ward 9. I hope this article will give you a better understanding of what is happening.


Column: My March Madness bracket won’t win, but I’m in anyway

The most fun I had with the tournament came in 2013 when the sports editor I was working with at the time, who was a basketball fan, and I both picked Louisville to win it all. After the Cardinals victory I immediately accused him of copying my bracket and relying upon my great insight into the game in order to properly pick the winner. Being the good friend I am, I’ve been teasing him mercilessly about it ever since.


GROWING GREEN: Try trough gardening this year

In a large garden they allow us to get up close and personal to those small, delicate plants that would otherwise get lost among their more robust companions.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hiring new director key role of school trustees

We set vision and direction. After listening to our communities, we work with senior staff to develop strategic directions that will guide work during our terms.


Column: Gaining inspiration from our best youth

Then there is Stoney Creek’s own Emilie Suwala. In meeting her I was struck right away by her warm smile and her infectious enthusiasm. Suwala is not only an active member of the Bishop Ryan school community, but also a tireless advocate for teen mental health using her own issues with general anxiety disorder to help her fellow students.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Outdoor rink illustrates community at its best

Every winter, a few neighbourhood fathers get together to create two rinks.