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GROWING GREEN: Growing sweet potatoes in a pot

Yes, you can grow your own sweet potatoes. Here’s how.


Lessons learned when tables turned

As a journalist, I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of interviews.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Time for public school board to get creative

I considered running for trustee because of the declining amount of learning being done in our schools.


At long last, summer was finally here

For those who long to spend their days lying on a towel down at the Beach Strip, splashing in a lake or an outdoor pool and using the temperature as an excuse to gorge on ice cream, this summer has been a season of bitter disappointment. Adding insult to injury, it followed a bitterly cold winter that seemed to last for 10 months and cover us all in seven or eight metres of snow.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Libraries offer help beyond Google

While some of us might still be in denial, fall is definitely in the air and school is back in full swing.

TedMcMeekin copyWEB

Ted McMeekin column:EcoPark System an ambitious plan for Ontario Greenbelt

The Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System is an ambitious plan to link together 1,900 hectares of natural areas and create a protected, permanent and connected natural lands sanctuary from the Harbour to the Escarpment that promotes ecosystem and human health within Ontario’s Greenbelt.


Back-to-school isn’t what it used to be

It’s been 14 years since I had my last back-to-school, and while the first September out in “the real world” was quite tough, now the beginning of September to me just means a rent cheque, Burlington’s RibFest and Labour Day football.

GROWING GREEN: Let your imagination fly while decorating in the garden

Maybe there’s time now to perk up some dull spots with a decorative flair.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Time to end board’s patronizing attitude

Knowledge, truth and reason were actively shut down by board staff at every opportunity throughout the school review process.

David SweetWEB

David Sweet column: From Eagle Ride for Liberty for Youth to Aug. 22 100th anniversary of internment

The leaves are beginning to turn on some of the early trees, but it’s still great weather for a motorcycle ride.