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GROWING GREEN: Ground covers do the job

Ground cover plants have a place in every garden.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Pay attention and be sure to mark your X

I’ve voted in every election since I’ve been eligible


Barry Coe is singing a brand new ‘Summer Song’

This summer is my first as a retiree and I must confess it’s been a unique one. I’ve been amazed at how quickly time passes. One day folds into another and then a week has gone by. There seems to be a new urgency to do things and enjoy them because you now realize that time is not infinite.


GROWING GREEN: Biennials – Worth the wait

Patience is the rule when growing biennials. These plants grow their roots, stems and foliage the first summer and bloom gloriously the second only to die shortly after setting seed.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Library ready to help get kids back to school

Reading a picture book about kindergarten is a great conversation starter to help your child talk about their excitement, their questions and even their worries about the first day of school.

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TED McMEEKIN COLUMN: Association of Municipalities of Ontario fetes president Russ Powers

At their upcoming meeting in London, Ont., AMO (the Association of Municipalities of Ontario) will pay tribute and bid farewell to their outgoing president Russ Powers.

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Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on

Hot enough for ya? Two summers ago, we were sick of anyone who said that. This year, there really hasn’t been reason to say it.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Garage sales tell a lot about buyer and seller

Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to garage sales.

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MP David Sweet trip to Israel was an eye-opener

Last week, I travelled to Israel as part of delegation of Canadian Parliamentarians (three Liberals and three Conservatives) to see first-hand the situation in Israel as they defend themselves from the daily barrage of Hamas rockets.


It’s taken 28 years, but better late than never

Vacation will fulfill columnist’s long-held desire