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Column: Canadian values hold strong in the face of attack

Amidst all the concern and confusion surrounding both attacks, the country kept its head. There were no calls for police-state security measures. There was no reactionary backlash against the Muslim community. On the contrary, we reacted in a very Canadian style. We celebrated the lives of those taken too soon, and moved forward, unchastened and unbowed by those deplorable acts.


THE SKY THIS MONTH: Astronomical Christmas gift ideas

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers offers tips

Hamilton Spectator photo

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Wear red Tuesday to honour Corporal Nathan Cirillo

Columnist Mike Nabuurs says it is time for us to rally around our troops — to don a uniform of red to let everyone know we stand together


You will shape the future of Hamilton with your vote

here are many out there who think that their vote won’t matter, or that their issues will be ignored no matter who gets elected, but I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Discussion needed about accessibility

Organizations with accessible employment practices see higher job retention, and attendance, lower turnover, enhanced job performance and better safety records.


Look to us for news, not endorsements

In many ways the whole notion of a news organization telling its readers who they should vote for seems rather paternalistic. Yes, we’ve been studying the candidates and are among the best informed people in the city on the issues, but every voter places a different emphasis on what’s important to them and their community.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Glad to know I’m not the only one

I’m starting off a bit foggy, but we will get into the swing of things soon, I hope.

GROWING GREEN: Beware of garden thugs

Mount Hamilton Horticultural Society column


Newspapers are here to stay, really

As a lover of newspapers, I’m tempted to wax rhapsodic about the joys of holding it in your hand, never quite knowing what delights you’ll find inside to excite, entertain or elucidate. As a journalist, I’m tempted to tell you about all the times I’ve written or edited something that has made a difference in the community. As an advocate for the newspaper industry, I’m tempted to rattle off readership data which says newspapers are still the best read, most trusted source of news.