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THE SKY THIS MONTH: Comet Lovejoy getting dimmer

There’s still time to glimpse Comet Lovejoy as it makes its 8,000-year orbit around the sun.


Column: In spite of protests, democracy worked in bus lane cancellation

Much to the chagrin of the 150-or-so bus lane advocates in attendance at the Jan. 21 city council meeting, Hamilton’s municipal reps decided to put an end to the King Street project. The controversial transit-only lane seemingly divided Hamiltonians between those who saw it as a way to encourage more people to take transit by making riding the bus more convenient and those saw it as an impediment to efficient traffic flow. What struck me in the aftermath of the decision was not that the transit advocates were upset (no one likes to see something they believe in come to naught), but rather almost histrionic attack on the process.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Increase voter turnout with combined vote

We have a great opportunity in 2018 that we need to seize to save millions of dollars and increase voter turnout.


Column: The truly awesome power of music

The majority of the songs and poems were written by those who had been in the camps and the ghettos, many of whom did not survive their ordeal. These were the voices of those who had been silenced, and yet their songs, the same songs that rang out amidst the oppression, the hate and the genocide, were not silenced.


ANCASTER COUNCILLOR LLOYD FERGUSON column: Airport District touches down, Hermitage is Rock Solid

The city’s journey to land 550 hectares of employment land around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is on final approach after 11 years of municipal delays.


Councillor’s column: Community mailboxes are unfortunate reality

As most of you know, mail delivery is changing from door-to-door delivery to street mailbox pick-up. In 2015, this initiative is starting across the Hamilton Mountain, including Stoney Creek, and will be coming to lower Stoney Creek afterwards.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Mental health support groups are vital today

Membership to this type of group is dictated more by need than want.


Have your say on former Winona Elementary School

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that the City of Hamilton has officially taken possession of the former Winona Elementary School.


Column: The faulty transmission in my head

Now I know what you’re thinking: last day of vacation, still asleep at an appropriate time to receive a phone call, not quite with it… You’re all thinking that I spent the night before celebrating a little too much and was reaping what I sowed by way of a bout of brown bottle flu. Well, you’re all wrong. My previous evening was a dry as a temperance meeting in the desert.

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MPP Ted McMeekin column: Remembering a good friend and mentor Eric Cunningham

On Dec. 30 I received an email from my good friend Eric Cunningham. He wanted to get together to discuss land acquisition issues related to his duties as a provincial appointee on the Hamilton Port Authority.