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THE SKY THIS MONTH: Harvest Moon early this year

Here are September stargazer events.


Of old friends in new times

It had been years since the three of us had been in the same room. There was no big reason for it. No knock-down, drag-out fight. No acts of betrayal. No financial partnerships gone awry. It was just that life had caused us to drift apart the way it often does when no one’s watching.

Tim Hortons Field has become a field of jeers

As Infrastructure Ontario and Ontario Sports Solutions scramble to make the $145.7 million stadium safe for the 18,000 fans patiently waiting for their beloved Labour Day Classic to take place in what will be a construction zone, questions continue to drip like a water torture over how it came to this. The most obvious question is how could such an embarrassing situation happen? But the more troubling issue is, were taxpayers lied to by provincial officials and/or Ontario Sports Solutions when they guaranteed the stadium would be completed on time and on budget to host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ home games?

LETTER: Don’t waste money on temporary Sherwood fix

Hopefully the new crop of trustees will bring in common sense and fiscal responsibility to the HWDSB.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Relax and enjoy the new field of dreams

As we approach the Labour Day Classic, the complaining and arguing over “our stadium” has reached a fevered pitch.

LETTER: Bike lanes better than bike share

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

Hamilton’s bike share breakdown

The City of Hamilton had all the right sentimental reasons to create a bike share program, but so far the program has seen more obstacles and produced more excuses than cycling activity.


GROWING GREEN: Ground covers do the job

Ground cover plants have a place in every garden.

LETTER: Bike share system secretive on numbers

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Pay attention and be sure to mark your X

I’ve voted in every election since I’ve been eligible