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Column: Only six thinking days left ’till Christmas

Every year I’m asked: “What do you want for Christmas,” and every year my answer is usually the same: “I haven’t really thought about it yet.” You could see how frustrating that would be in late November, or early December, but when the 20th hits and I still don’t have an answer it’s downright infuriating.

Editorial: It’s Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, not the auditor general who are blowing smoke

The newly established Ontario Liberal government may have had a demoralizing week, but it’s taxpayers that are, and will continue to suffer the full brunt of the government’s ineptitude.


Councillor Lloyd Ferguson column: Seasons’ greetings and thank you

Thank you Ancaster residents for re-electing me as your city councillor in the most recent municipal elections. With three challengers, your overwhelming support of my candidacy gives me a clear mandate and demonstrates a shared belief in “Keeping Ancaster Special.” During my first two terms on council, my focus was on improving public infrastructure and [...]


GROWING GREEN: The dark side of mistletoe

Mistletoe and holly have long played an important role in Christmas celebrations.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Bridge: A game of aptitude or attitude?

There’s an old joke that asks who’s easier to talk to – a serial killer or a bridge player?

LETTER: Christmas should be humble celebration

Maybe we have lost the true meaning of Christmas.


Column: My latest adventures in papersitting

For the last few weeks I’ve been papersitting the Ancaster News and the Dundas Star News for Senior Editor Debra Downey who is off on a well-deserved vacation in the sun. Judging from the fact that readers haven’t come after me with torches and pitchforks it leads me to believe that I haven’t done too horrible of a job as editor pro tem.

Editorial: A blank slate for relations between the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and Hamilton city hall

If newly elected school board chair Todd White is truly interested in creating a better relationship with the board’s partners, that would be welcome news to the entire city. For too long now the board has been ignoring the needs of the community; and only concerned with its own bureaucratic demands. The board has turned a deaf ear over concerns about closing its schools, accepting minimal input from parents, and completely discounting the interests of the city. The result has created hostility between politicians, and a credibility gap with the community.

LETTER: Canada Post boxes a safety concern

Apparently Canada Post is putting their new boxes in “No Parking” and “No Stopping” zones.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The Bridge offers men a fresh start

What would you think of an organization that would help your son, brother, friend or relative make better choices than a life of crime?