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It’s taken 28 years, but better late than never

Vacation will fulfill columnist’s long-held desire

An LRT meeting about nothing

So what was that confab between Hamilton politicians and staff and Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca all about? A simple meet and greet? A media-generated story blown out of proportion in the dog days of summer? Political opportunism? How about all of the above.

Brian McHattie2014

Brian McHattie column: School closure approach by City Hamilton, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board irresponsible

Ainslie Wood, Westdale and Dundas neighbourhoods have a lot in common – both with vibrant business areas, McMaster University and spectacular geography strongly influenced by Cootes Paradise Marsh and Forest, and the Niagara Escarpment with Dundas Valley to the southwest and the bay to the northeast.

GROWING GREEN: Plan a succession of blooms to keep bees coming back

What do single, purple and tubular blooms have in common? Bees!


Thoughts from the gallows: A meditation on the Bloody Assize and death by hanging

Through the trees in a little clearing hung a solitary noose. This instrument of death which delivered the ultimate punishment for untold numbers of criminals, large and small, was not a figment of my fecund imagination, but was as real as the trees that surrounded me or the gravel path underneath my feet.

Will the ‘People’s Platform’ represent the voice of Hamilton’s people?

A group of Hamilton citizens are trying to change the local municipal matrix and get potential politicians to listen to the public’s concerns. The Hamilton Civic League, with support from various social activist groups, such the Hamilton Chapter of the Council of Canadians, and the Campaign for Adequate Welfare and Disability, are encouraging people from across the city to participate in a series of forums over the next three months to identify the issues and possibly a vision for how they want their city to be governed over the next four years. The idea is to craft a list of issues that will become a “Peoples’ Platform” that candidates can either champion once they become councillors, or reject at their possible peril.

LloydFerguson copyWEB

Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson’s column

Congratulations Al Gordon, Frank Ernest, Bill Grahlman and Julian D’Angela for being among four recipients of Hamilton’s 19th Annual Senior of the Year Awards, held June 24 at a sold-out gala at Michelangelo’s Conference Centre.

LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families

Families with children do not seem likely to be the most abortion-minded people.