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GROWING GREEN: Growing sweet potatoes in a pot

Yes, you can grow your own sweet potatoes. Here’s how.

LETTER: Candidates need to live up to promises

re: ‘People’s mandate’ (Sept. 11)


Lessons learned when tables turned

As a journalist, I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of interviews.

Hamilton’s roads to nowhere

Hamilton is literally falling apart and politicians and city staff are dithering about how to fix it.

LETTER: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10?

Sadly Sept. 10 has come and gone with no mention of the 75th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Second World War.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Time for public school board to get creative

I considered running for trustee because of the declining amount of learning being done in our schools.


At long last, summer was finally here

For those who long to spend their days lying on a towel down at the Beach Strip, splashing in a lake or an outdoor pool and using the temperature as an excuse to gorge on ice cream, this summer has been a season of bitter disappointment. Adding insult to injury, it followed a bitterly cold winter that seemed to last for 10 months and cover us all in seven or eight metres of snow.

Loopholes could sink Hamilton’s lobbyist registry

If all went as expected, Hamilton council yesterday approved the city’s first compulsory lobbyist registry. And while it is a good step toward greater transparency and accountability, the bylaw is far from perfect, and in fact creates several loopholes that could drive lobbying even further out of the public eye.

LETTER: Resilient tree ground down by modern life

A tree grows on Upper Kenilworth. Or it did, until earlier this week.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Libraries offer help beyond Google

While some of us might still be in denial, fall is definitely in the air and school is back in full swing.