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It’s the exhibits that make the Ancaster Fair special

Columnist went to judge, but came away with a renewed respect for farmers and the rural lifestyle.

Governments needs to let the media in

For far too long now Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has thumbed his nose at the public and media.

LETTER: We need a day to remember Margaret

re: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10? (Letters, Sept. 18)

LETTER: Education HQ out of place next to commercial district

To us, this location looked out of place for an institution of renown and learning.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Large impersonal schools not answer

The focus should have been what do we do as a community to keep our schools open and neighbourhoods thriving.


GROWING GREEN: Growing sweet potatoes in a pot

Yes, you can grow your own sweet potatoes. Here’s how.

LETTER: Candidates need to live up to promises

re: ‘People’s mandate’ (Sept. 11)


Lessons learned when tables turned

As a journalist, I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of interviews.

Hamilton’s roads to nowhere

Hamilton is literally falling apart and politicians and city staff are dithering about how to fix it.

LETTER: Why wasn’t young Margaret remembered on Sept. 10?

Sadly Sept. 10 has come and gone with no mention of the 75th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the Second World War.