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Column: The truly awesome power of music

The majority of the songs and poems were written by those who had been in the camps and the ghettos, many of whom did not survive their ordeal. These were the voices of those who had been silenced, and yet their songs, the same songs that rang out amidst the oppression, the hate and the genocide, were not silenced.

Editorial: Hamilton’s budget nightmare

“We have a crisis,” Hamilton’s general manager of public works, Gerry Davis bluntly told councillors last week. “The roads are failing and getting worse.”


ANCASTER COUNCILLOR LLOYD FERGUSON column: Airport District touches down, Hermitage is Rock Solid

The city’s journey to land 550 hectares of employment land around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is on final approach after 11 years of municipal delays.

I’ll miss you,Target

I can’t believe you are breaking up with me after all we have done to build our relationship this past year.


Councillor’s column: Community mailboxes are unfortunate reality

As most of you know, mail delivery is changing from door-to-door delivery to street mailbox pick-up. In 2015, this initiative is starting across the Hamilton Mountain, including Stoney Creek, and will be coming to lower Stoney Creek afterwards.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Mental health support groups are vital today

Membership to this type of group is dictated more by need than want.

Why banish beavers at Fifty Point?

As the “Fifty Point neighbour who created an outcry,” I was puzzled by Mike Stone’s contention that beavers pose a potential problem at Fifty Point as opposed to other conservation areas. From my experience there, no culverts were blocked, no roads washed out and no basements flooded.

Mulcair,Trudeau must unite the left

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau must get their heads together.


Have your say on former Winona Elementary School

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that the City of Hamilton has officially taken possession of the former Winona Elementary School.

Hamilton spoiled winter fun when it closed Chedoke ski hill

Hamilton city council killed winter family fun back in 2003 when it decided to close the local ski hill.