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Column: Tobogganing can be dangerous fun

All three of those incidents could have resulted in serious, life-altering injury. While it never crossed my parents’ minds to sue the city when I broke my collar bone, I don’t know they would have felt the same way if I had broken my neck.

Editorial: It’s about time to modernize Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

The last time Ontario revamped its sex-ed education curriculum in the 1990s, the Internet was barely a blip on a screen, cell phones were as large as shoe boxes and social media was more science fiction than reality.


THE SKY THIS MONTH: New eyes for an old sky

New radar systems are revealing more details of objects close to the Earth.


Column: Feeling at home thanks to Stan Rogers’ music

They played with such skill, love and reverence for the music without treating it as a sacred artifact. It was alive to them and they made each song their own without dimming the essential truth of the piece. They were not Rogers, but they weren’t trying to be. They just wanted to share that music with the audience and have the audience become part of the music.

Editorial: Do slow ambulance response times put the lives of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough and Glanbrook residents at risk?

Emergency response times have jumped to 11:42 minutes for the entire amalgamated city within a year, but response times are worse for Dundas residents, who have to wait a whopping 12:30 minutes, up from 9:30 minutes a year ago. Glanbrook residents now wait 13 minutes, down from 14:54 minutes, while for Flamborough homeowners anxiously listening for that siren, it’s now 18:35 minutes rather than 18:47 minutes.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: CAP helps cancer patients in many ways

The Cancer Assistance Program (CAP) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization offering free services for individuals and families impacted by cancer, living in the greater region of Hamilton and surrounding areas.


Column: How I would have come to love Canada’s “new” flag

Given how popular and well-loved the red maple leaf is, it can be hard to imagine that anyone could ever have disliked it, let alone opposed it. However, had I been alive at the time I might just have been one of them.

Editorial: Was the two-day Hamilton Wentworth District School Board principals’ meeting in Niagara Falls good value for the money?

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board officials that taxpayers have raised a skeptical eye to them holding a two-day professional development conference for their principals at the Niagara Falls Hilton. While the information and networking aspects of the event may prove beneficial to educators, it leaves a lingering bad taste in residents’ mouths as their taxes continue to rise and go towards educators, or for that matter politicians or bureaucrats, to hold conferences to improve their productivity.

LETTER: Nasty surprises will be revealed in spring

We live in the Newport area in Stoney Creek and many know us for the fact that we own three beautiful golden retrievers. This is now the time of year when it is the most challenging to take our best friends out to do their business, or duty as we like to call it.

LETTER: Area rating for transit makes little sense

Thanks for a balanced explanation of the area-rated tax system being used to finance public transit in Hamilton. It is unfortunate that this lingers on 15 years after our communities were legally combined into one city.