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Column: Tim Hortons Field still flawed, but will be great

For the last year or so you’ve been reading in our pages all about the gong show that has been the construction of the new Tim Hortons Field. We’ve been very critical of not only the delays in the construction process, but how fans were seemingly deliberately mislead about the stadium’s progress. We’ve said time and time again how the city and Tiger-Cat fans deserve better. However, for all problems that beset it, a stadium exists and is (mostly) functional enough to have hosted seven games and seven Ticat victories.

Editorial: Openness at Hamilton City Hall? It’s just the same old song

One of the predominate themes Hamilton voters told their prospective politicians during the recent election was to be open and transparent on difficult and important decisions. Over the years the public has made it clear they’re fed up with meetings where politicians seem to be manipulating issues for their own benefit leaving residents out in the cold. So it was with some consternation that it seemed Hamilton politicians turned a deaf ear to those public cries.

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Mike Vukovich’s editorial cartoons

A look at local issues through the pen of Hamilton Community News cartoonist Mike Vukovich.


Column: Living la dolce vita during Italian getaway

After three years of planning my wife, Susan, and I embarked upon our month-long dream Italian getaway. We had been to Italy three years ago and fallen in love with the country; its art, food, culture and way of life. We have embraced Italy so much that we have contemplated joining the Venetian Club of Hamilton and changing our name from Coe to CoChelli.

Editorial: The shrinking pie

Despite all the hopeful remarks during the recent municipal election, Hamiltonians shouldn’t expect too much from their new mayor or council when it comes to being able to pay for the long-sought after capital projects the city desperate needs.The city has some serious financial obstacles in its path to its so-call rejuvenation. Residents have continued to lament the city’s disintegrating sidewalks and roads and its $200-million infrastructure deficit. And council is still looking to the province for its hoped for $810 million to build its light-rail transit system.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: HWDSB must be accountable

They cannot be accountable without a record that can be accessed, should there be a challenge.

LETTER: Amalgamation conveniently forgotten

Politicians always seem to remember to forget unsavoury issues and discussions such as amalgamation which would reveal defects.

LETTER: There are still Good Samaritans

There are more good people in Hamilton than bad, but we mostly only hear about the 10 per cent who are bad.

LETTER: City already knows who non-voters are

Re: No easy answers (Editorial, Nov. 13)

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Changing the language of mental illness

Robin Williams, suffering from depression, took his own life. The media stated he died by suicide. But did he?