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LETTER: Amalgamation conveniently forgotten

Politicians always seem to remember to forget unsavoury issues and discussions such as amalgamation which would reveal defects.

LETTER: There are still Good Samaritans

There are more good people in Hamilton than bad, but we mostly only hear about the 10 per cent who are bad.

LETTER: City already knows who non-voters are

Re: No easy answers (Editorial, Nov. 13)

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Changing the language of mental illness

Robin Williams, suffering from depression, took his own life. The media stated he died by suicide. But did he?

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MPP Ted McMeekin column: Remembering how they lived

We gathered in solemn remembrance earlier this week to honour the sacrifices Canadian soldiers have made in the two great wars, in Korea, in Afghanistan and in numerous peacekeeping missions.

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Column: Looking for Ontario’s best Junior Citizens

Helping to pick the Ontario Junior Citizens of the year is one of the toughest jobs Stoney Creek Editor Mike Pearson has to do.

Editorial: No easy answers to raise voter turnout

The disgustingly low voter turnout in October’s municipal election has spawned a search for something, anything, that could result in more people taking the time to actually vote. Unfortunately, it will take more than the “half-baked” notions being suggested to get people to care about politics again.


GROWING GREEN: Grow figs in cold climates

Grow them in pots. Place them in a hot, sunny spot in the garden and bring them inside for the winter. What could be easier?

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: I’ve got a secret that I’m not ashamed of

When I was 19, my doctor discovered I had minimal hearing loss in my right ear.

LETTER: Renaming dog park would be fitting tribute

Re: Proposal would rename dog park after Cirillo (Nov. 6)