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LETTER: Pockets of poor bus service

re: Expanded bus service for Mountain (April 3)

LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency

re: Is registration the right answer? (Editorial, April 10)

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Around the Bay event displays city’s vision and spirit

The Around the Bay run on Sunday, March 30 was another great example of the fabulous Hamilton spirit.

Stolen rowboat had a good home

My name is Jacob. I’m 10 years old.

Class and conviction is what winning is all about

I have to applaud the combined efforts of Highland/Parkside high school’s senior girls waterpolo team for winning a bronze medal.

Vandalism knows no age limit

During last Sunday’s lovely morning, my wife and I were disheartened to see, in broad daylight, an act of vandalism.

Praise, not scorn, frugality

Reporter Kevin Warner compared councillor Scott Duval’s expense account of almost $11,000 with “stingy” Judi Partridge’s negligible claim of $30.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Your guide to becoming an Agent of Change

For many years, we’ve known that Hamilton has one of, if not the highest, volunteer rates in the country.


So, do you like what we’ve done?

The old look had served us well over the years, and in fact, has helped us win many provincial and national newspaper awards. But much like a plaid, polyester, bell-bottomed leisure suit, our newspapers looked outdated (and not in a quaint or retro way) and needed to get with the times. Given that fact, we decided to tear the thing down to the studs and build anew, all with the needs of the reader in mind.

Is registration the right answer?

It seems Hamilton politicians aren’t trusted by their own residents. In the wake of former mayor Larry DiIanni’s problems with receiving illegal campaign funds there has been a core group of Hamiltonians trying to implement some corrective measures to make councillors more accountable to the public. Subsequently, a new citizen subcommittee was formed, and it quickly conceived a new code of conduct for politicians, which was followed by the creation of an integrity commissioner. But for the last four years the last peg of this holy trinity of accountability, a lobbyist registry, has remained elusive.