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LETTER: Don’t waste money on temporary Sherwood fix

Hopefully the new crop of trustees will bring in common sense and fiscal responsibility to the HWDSB.

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Relax and enjoy the new field of dreams

As we approach the Labour Day Classic, the complaining and arguing over “our stadium” has reached a fevered pitch.

LETTER: Bike lanes better than bike share

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

Hamilton’s bike share breakdown

The City of Hamilton had all the right sentimental reasons to create a bike share program, but so far the program has seen more obstacles and produced more excuses than cycling activity.


GROWING GREEN: Ground covers do the job

Ground cover plants have a place in every garden.

LETTER: Bike share system secretive on numbers

Re: Bike share program limping along (Aug. 7)

COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Pay attention and be sure to mark your X

I’ve voted in every election since I’ve been eligible

LETTER: Climate change offers economic opportunities

Re: Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on (Aug. 7)


Barry Coe is singing a brand new ‘Summer Song’

This summer is my first as a retiree and I must confess it’s been a unique one. I’ve been amazed at how quickly time passes. One day folds into another and then a week has gone by. There seems to be a new urgency to do things and enjoy them because you now realize that time is not infinite.

How well do you know what Hamilton City Council is doing?

Recent consultations with residents find that voters are looking for many things the city is already doing