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I’m ready for the new TV season. But my DVR isn’t

Abigail Cukier, The Amazing Adventures of Wonder(ing) Woman

I am so ready for the new fall television season.

Unfortunately, my DVR is not.

Here we are in the first week of premieres and my DVR is already 56 per cent full.

At this rate, in a month, I will secretly be deleting my children’s Toopy and Binoo episodes in the dark of night to make room for my shows (they’ve seen them 72 times already anyway).

I have always been a TV lover and I even watch a lot fewer shows than I did before. The problem is, I don’t remember the last time I watched a TV show at its regularly scheduled time.

This meant my husband and I watched the final episode of last season’s The Good Wife in July. We just finished Modern Family last week.

With a full-time job, two young children, a house to clean, books to read, I have few opportunities to sit down and watch TV.  This makes the DVR my little miracle device.

Long after most people were into the digital age, I still had my trusty VCR. Now that was a full-time job.

I had so many tapes piled up, all with little pieces of paper listing what was on each one. When I would delete a show and record a new one, I’d cross out the old show and write down the new episode.

I had full seasons of shows recorded. When I lost one of those little papers, I would spend hours fast-forwarding through tapes trying to figure out what was on each one and which episode came first. More than once, I was halfway through an episode before realizing I hadn’t seen the one before it.

After having enough of seeing me hunched over the VCR, rifling through paper, tearing my hair out, my husband finally caved and suggested we order a DVR.

It was a free trial for six months. But he knew there was no going back.

And even though it has improved my life in oh so many ways, even the DVR requires hard work.

I record about 17 shows each week, plus the odd Elmo’s World and Backyardigans. Then there are the movies I can’t erase and the final two episodes I still haven’t watched of Rescue Me (which went off the air a year ago). And let’s not even mention when I record something in HD, which takes up double the space of a regular show.

This can be stressful. My DVR pushed 100 per cent a few times last year. This caused me to waken in a cold sweat over the fact it might have automatically deleted that final episode of Rescue Me. When I once urged my husband to leave a dinner early so I could get home to clear space for that night’s recordings, he threatened to cancel the DVR. I don’t think he ever would though.

He’s seen me without one and it wasn’t pretty.



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